For & Against

For & Against: Eyebrows

FOR By Katherine Anastasatos Imagine the terror of one day arriving home, opening up Snapchat to rant to your friends about your first-world problems, flicking to a filter that instructs you to ‘raise your eyebrows’ in order to activate it, and… nothing happens. No cute furry ears, no amusing spectacles, no floating pink hearts; just […]

28 November 2019
For & Against: Bats

FOR By Tilli Franks   There is only 80 million years of difference between humans and bats. The common ancestor of all placental mammals is estimated to have lived around 400,000 years after the dinosaurs met their particularly nasty end. One could argue that bats got a reasonably good deal from the evolutionary lotto: they […]

8 October 2019
For & Against: Baths

FOR by Catriona Smith Picture this: you’ve come home after a long hard day at uni and you have sore muscles and you want to relax. You lounge back in the bath with a good skin treatment, a glass of wine and a book. This level of comfort cannot be achieved in the shower. Baths […]

11 August 2019
For & Against: Squat Toilets

FOR by Mark Yin You know what’s better than mind-blowing, gut-rearranging sex? Mind-blowing, gut-rearranging number twos. You heard it here first, and quite honestly, you’re welcome. Welcome to the secret, taboo world of squat toilets, arguably one of the last remaining bastions of human behaviour from the good old days, back when we used to […]

7 May 2019
For & Against: Clowns

FOR by April Nougher-Dayhew In 2016, ‘sightings’ of evil clowns popped up everywhere. IT was a hit, Melbourne band the Clowns received hate mail and Mississippi made it illegal to wear a clown costume for Halloween. Mass hysteria has tainted a diverse comic tradition which goes back millennia. Until the 18th century, monarchs sought jesters’ […]

3 April 2019
For & Against: Lockout Lockheed

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Lockout Lockheed Students at the University of Melbourne ought to be informed about a lot of things. First, that their university is making secretive deals with transnational arms manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and BAE. Second, that these partnerships incentivise war by institutionalising and normalising the presence of weapons […]

14 August 2018
For & Against: Straight White Men

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Trent Vu Straight white men are good for things other than news scandals and bro hugs. From a biological standpoint, a lot of you were conceived with straight white sperm, but us gays in particular have a lot of other things to thank straight white men for. Cut […]

8 August 2018
For & Against: The Gig Economy

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Andie Moore The gig economy has become the new piñata of regulators and unionists alike. I am not going to pretend it works for everyone or for every profession. However, it is indisputable that gig work suits some people, particularly those least likely to get work. Here is […]

28 May 2018
For & Against: Threesomes

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Clare Taylor The Three Musketeers. Destiny’s Child. Harry, Ron and Hermione. The Sex and the City girls—minus Carrie, of course, because she’s annoying af. THE HOLY TRINITY. Three is the magic number. 1. Triangles are the strongest shape. It’s physics. Look it up. 2. Threesomes make you try […]

20 April 2018
Wafflestomping by David Zeleznikow-Johnston
For & Against: Wafflestomping

FOR by Darcy French. AGAINST by Alex D. Epstein.

13 March 2018
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