Letter to the Editor: Hamas and the Israel–Palestine Conflict

Lately there have been lots of articles related to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and in many of them Hamas is painted in a rather unflattering light. These articles often inaccurately label Hamas as a militant group bent on the destruction of Israel, then try to use this as justification for Israel’s violence.

8 June 2018
Letter to the Editor: The Alt-Right on Campus

Yesterday I was outside the library when a person handed me a piece of paper. The A4 leaflet read “it’s okay to be white”. He then demanded to know whether I was white or Jewish! The guy who handed me that leaflet was not a stranger to me. I’ve seen him and his friend around […]

27 February 2018
Statement From Jose Francisco Carranceja on Liquor License Regulation Changes

Read Mary Ntalianis and Lily Minken’s article on the liquor license regulation changes here. This statement contains the personal opinions of Carranceja; not the Science Students Society. My name is Jose Francisco Carranceja, and I am the Vice President of the Science Student Society.
So far in my university career I have attended 5 university camps. […]

20 December 2017
We Need to Talk…

To: Melbourne Global Mobility Cc: Arts Faculty, Melbourne Uni Bureaucracy Subject: We need to talk… Dear Melbourne Global Mobility, It hurts me to write this, it really does, but there are things that I need to say to you. You mean too much to me for dishonesty. We’ve had some great times together, but there […]

30 November 2013
Average Students Don’t Want Celebration

The passing of a motion by Students’ Council that “celebrates [Margaret Thatcher’s] death unreservedly” was disrespectful to Margaret Thatcher, her family, and her friends in their time of grieving. One should deal with political differences by attacking the ideas, not the person. At the very least, Thatcher’s critics should be respectful enough to let her […]

31 May 2013
Free Speech in Action

The past week has seen a vitriolic attack, led by the campus Liberal Club, against the Student Union and its right to free speech. I’m a Left Action Councillor involved in moving the anti-Thatcher motion that sparked this attack, and would like to make two brief points. Firstly, the anti-Thatcher motion is consistent with the […]

UMSU Low and Vile

Recently UMSU engaged in a low, vile and repugnant act. It celebrated the death of an eighty-seven year old woman. In doing this UMSU forgot the foundation of morality; the basic undeniable dignity inherent in every person. A self-worth that belongs to a person no matter what they do, who thy are or their political […]

Synergy’s welfare waste

I would like to draw your attention to waste that in the UMSU Welfare Department.

31 July 2010
Student Alcoholism Exposed

Me want beer now.

31 March 2005