OPINION | ‘Digging, a deep dark trench’: students left unsupported in wake of COVID-19

There is a truism, first circulated in public space by artist Jenny Holzer in 1977, “abuse of power comes as no surprise”. This is the exact reason that the University of Melbourne has an independent student advocacy service—to provide students with a source of procedural fairness when they face the inequalities that often plague this […]

15 April 2021
Review: Bridgerton’s Gross Mishandling of Consent

Content warning for rape and anti-Black racism. Spoilers for Netflix’s Bridgerton. Netflix’s new series Bridgerton—hyped up as Gossip Girl in period clothing—reeled viewers in with spicy sex scenes and racial diversity. Despite not being able to tell the Bridgerton brothers apart at first, I was hooked. But the beautiful costumes and catchy violin covers immediately […]

22 January 2021
OPINION: Observing Australia During the Bushfire Crisis

The last few months in Australia have seen frustration and confusion towards the Australian Government and their response to bushfires among the residents of the country.

23 April 2020
An Open Letter to Mr Scott Morrison 

Earlier this week, you made a statement that surprised absolutely no one and was completely in line with the moral fibre and integrity of character you’ve displayed time and time again.

4 April 2020
COVID-19: International Students

The campus should close for the safety of all students and staff. But, we ask that the university make the necessary accommodations that would be equitable for ALL students moving forward.

30 March 2020
Midsumma Festival
OPINION: Pride March, Pertinent and Powerful in 2020

I’ve been an out-and-about queer for the last five years, but 2020 marked my first year marching with pride as I joined the Graduate Student Association contingent. Walking with the colour, fanfare, love and welcomed embrace that is synonymous with the Pride March, I was reminded of how important these events (and my attendance) are […]

2 March 2020
I was pepper sprayed by police at IMARC (even though I was a journalist)

Today, it didn’t matter who you were—young or old, protester or observer—no one was exempt from the tyrannical-style of brutality displaced by Victoria Police.

At approximately 9:20am this morning (only half an hour after arriving), myself and another Farrago reporter were pepper sprayed by police. And before you ask; no, neither of us were involved in the protest.

30 October 2019