Feathered Friend Fuels Facebook Feud

Baillieu Library’s resident albino pigeon has become the source of a heated Facebook debate between students attempting to name the bird.

Over semester break, the Facebook page Pigeon at the Baillieu Library ran an online competition to determine its name.

24 September 2019
Bitter Beans

The last few years have seen many cafés and restaurants ousted for non-compliance with correct pay. Although these businesses suffer in the form of damage to their curated image and brand, workers often bear the brunt of an underpaid and overworked existence—workers who are usually students themselves.

4 April 2019
Parkville in Good Form

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched when you’re at uni?

3 April 2019
Metro Updates

Disruptions on Grattan Street will continue throughout 2019 as Parkville Station construction for the Melbourne Metro Tunnel enters its “most exciting year to date.”

More Student Accommodation

A new scholarship program commencing in 2020 will award talented domestic undergraduate students who face financial challengers with free accommodation, general allowance, and financial and personal support.

4 March 2019
New Scoreboard for MU Sport

A$250,000 state-of-the-art scoreboard has been installed at University Oval. Completed in September, the scoreboard is part of Melbourne University Sport’s (MU Sport) three- year plan to upgrade facilities at the Oval.

Cops on Campus

Two plainclothes police officers allegedly asked for UniMelb apparel to “blend in and look more like students” at Union House in late July, according to a staffer of the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU).

19 October 2018
Far-Right Figures On Campus

Last Friday, three far-right figures, one of whom was wearing a shirt which read “it’s okay to be white”, came onto the Parkville campus claiming to be interviewing students about the recent Liberal Party leadership spill.

12 September 2018
University Square Being Redeveloped

University Square, the prominent garden and thoroughfare, located between Grattan Street and the Law School, is currently in the process of being redeveloped in an association between the University, the City of Melbourne, and the Victorian Government.

14 August 2018
Behind the Market


9 May 2018
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