WINNERS Never Can Quit

Retired athletes are susceptible to psychological distress after stopping sports. If we spoke more openly about what happens after people quit, the experience wouldn’t be so isolating.
We all hear about the everyday struggles of the elite athlete. Marketing material, films and television shows glorify the act of “getting up after you fall” and “continuing on” no matter the cost.

24 November 2020
University of Melbourne Students Go To The Games

The University of Melbourne is well known for its academic credentials, but fewer people are aware of the athletic prowess it boasts. Earlier this year, University of Melbourne students and alumni won one gold, two silver and one bronze at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

14 August 2018
Playing the Field / ICC Cricket World Cup Final

In terms of viewership, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the third most popular global sporting event, behind only the Olympics and the all-conquering FIFA World Cup. The 2015 tournament, jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, had an official attendance of over 1 million people. A total of 14 countries competed in 49 matches […]

5 August 2015
MU Sport Shifts Funding

Melbourne University Sport (MU Sport) is set to implement a new funding model for its 40 sporting clubs. The new model will aim to create more transparent and equitable funding system, following the controversy in the fair fund distribution among the clubs. Under the current system, sporting clubs are categorised into three categories: competitive, recreational […]

28 March 2015
Wide World of Weird Sports

I’ve never been good at sport, especially team sports where my incompetence lets down an entire team as well as myself. Due to this complete inability, I never sought out to join a sports club at the university. Much to my surprise there are more clubs than I could have imagined, with sports I’d never […]

20 March 2015
Playing the Field – Australian Open

Once upon a time, the world’s best tennis players were more often than not inclined to skip the Australian Open. Rather than brave the eight week boat trip required to overcome our geographic isolation, it seemed like a better idea to stay put and focus on preparing for the more substantive tournaments in Europe and […]

Vale Phillip Hughes

Phil Hughes was not Australia’s greatest cricketer; he was not a great technician, nor a fearsome striker. Rather, he possessed a homespun style and a fearsome desire to succeed. When on November 25 2014 he was struck in the head by a cricket ball, I –  like many others – simply assumed he’d get back […]

playing the field / AFL Grand Final

Dexter Gillman discusses Melbourne’s love affair for the AFL.

2 March 2015
Ronda Rousey

On November 15 this year, Melbourne will host UFC 193 at Etihad Stadium. The main event? Ronda Rousey. Dexter Gillman discusses what this means for sport and the city of Melbourne.

24 February 2015
Playing it Safe

American figure skater Johnny Weir is worried about competing at the Sochi Winter Olympics. “Just walking down the street, going to get Starbucks in the morning […] somebody could arrest me jsut because I look too gay,” he told CBS News. Does it seem too absurd to contemplate? Alarmingly, this snippet of Russian legislation means […]

30 November 2013
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