Cartoons and Heartache by Carolyn Huane
Cartoons and Heartache

As Adventure Time enters its final season, Emma Michelle reflects on cartoons and relationships

2 March 2018
The Real Worlds

Reality television is supposed to be real. That’s the appeal, after all. Reality television involves real people in real situations with real voices making real confessionals to real cameras for real reasons. It’s a hyper-real environment, and yet. There’s a lot of flak coming for reality television, and often. Because hyper-reality is sometimes interpreted as […]

7 June 2017
Back to the Future of Cult in the Streaming Age

Cult reviews, adapted for 2016.

6 October 2016
Dating Advice From The Bachelor(ette)

Winter is over. It’s time to put away the onesie and venture outside into the dating pool.

4 October 2016
White Noise

You switch on the TV. White, White and more White. It’s as though Australian TV is awash with White faces.

2 October 2016
The 2016 Masterchef Australia Drinking Game

Gather your friends, family and a bottle of your favourite wine, as we celebrate all that we’ve come to love about Masterchef.

20 July 2016
In Defense of Glee

Felicity never stopped believing in Glee

18 July 2016
3 out of 5 Nuggets: Fried Review

‘Fried’ is basically just a show about a shitty kid who is pissed at having been friend-zoned by his sexy co-worker.

30 May 2016
Period Drama

Amelia isn’t talking less about her uterus, and more about Downton Abbey.

16 May 2016
Big Ass ‘Daredevil’ Review (Season 2)

As a huge fan of the skull-donning vigilante, I was very excited about the inclusion of the Punisher in this season and can comfortably say my expectations were surpassed.

30 March 2016
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