Faculty of Arts Festival Shows Installation About Rape at the University and Residential Colleges

The Faculty of Arts’ Encounters with Writing Mini-Festival, held on 18 October 2018, displayed a work by woman-identifying student artists about rape on the University of Melbourne campus, particularly in the residential colleges. Encounters with Writing is an exhibition showcasing the works of University of Melbourne’s third-year undergraduate students who are completing their creative writing major.

2 November 2018
Student Poverty Levels High

Recent data from Universities Australia, the peak body for Australian tertiary institutions, revealed that one in seven students is regularly unable to afford food and other essentials, with Indigenous students and regional students experiencing the greatest hardship. An Indigenous student reported that financial strain while completing their studies was so extreme that they “don’t eat much anymore”.

19 October 2018
Survey Shows High Rates of Sexual Abuse in Academia

Academics and PhD students experience a high level of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in Australian universities, according to a recent survey conducted by Australian Women’s History Network.

6 September 2018
University Introduces Humanitarian Scholarship

This year, the University launched a new scholarship called the Melbourne Humanitarian Access Scholarship. This was created specifically for students who have applied for asylum in Australia.

The Students Have Their Say: Results of the Safety on Campus Survey

Content warning: sexual violence, racist attacks, murder

10 August 2018
Rally Against Sexual Violence In Pictures

On 1 August, students rallied at the University of Melbourne against sexual violence for the first anniversary of the nation-wide survey into sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian Universities.

2 August 2018
Changing Course: University Mandatory Consent Module Underperforms

The University of Melbourne introduced Consent Matters, an online sexual consent tutorial mandatory for all incoming undergraduate students, at the start of 2018.

17 July 2018
UMSU Issues Recommendations to UniMelb Respect Taskforce

The University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU) women’s department has issued 12 recommendations addressing the prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus.

21 May 2018
Fake Doctors’ Certificates

Several students have recently been expelled due to the provision of fake doctors’ certificates, according to the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) advocacy and legal department.

University ID Cards Creating Distress and Costs for Gender-Diverse Students

The University of Melbourne’s administrative system requires a student’s name to be changed legally before it can be changed on their ID card, placing a financial burden on gender diverse students.

26 April 2018
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