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  • Notes on a Blissful Bus Ride "The way she is sitting in front of me, her head sitting softly against the bus window, seems so blissful."
  • R G B Photography from Daena Teng
  • Albino Alone Translucent skin and pointed pink nipples reflected back at her, neon lights flashing 'I’m not right!'
  • Bed Train Desk Train Bed MONDAY It never quite makes sense. The act of turning up at a desk five days a week, followed by the arrival of money in my bank account seems strangely disconnected. As with birth and death – how wonderful it is to never truly understand the link between the two. I enter the building early. […]
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The Fodder is the University of Melbourne’s new student radio station, brought to you by the Media Department of UMSU.

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  • Come and celebrate Edition Eight with us at Tsubu bar! We've got bevs, balloons, a photo booth and even a memory jar to share your fave Farrago memories 🎉🎉🎉
  • Tomorrow at 4 is Edition Eight's launch party at Tsubu bar! So come on down and have a great night with us 🍻🎉
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Dear the spider I let loose down the pipes, please rest in peace knowing your death wasn't worthless. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, your butcher. (Killed in the name of @farragomagazine)
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Hot off the press - the last issue of @farragomagazine for the year had landed! Magical reading material ✨

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