University of Melbourne reopens campus through their ‘three-mode delivery’ system
5 March 2021

After almost an entire year of remote learning, the University of Melbourne will be reopening to students in January 2021 through a three-mode delivery system for the First Half Year of 2021. This system includes online classes, campus-based classes, and dual-delivery where classes are taught both online and in-person. All students may enrol in dual-delivery […]

Snap Rally on Campus to Condemn Transphobia at the University
4 March 2021

cw/ transphobia   Over 100 students and staff gathered at Parkville campus yesterday to protest against transphobic actions of University staff members.   The protesters gathered outside the Raymond Priestley building to listen to speeches by members of the University community before marching to Old Arts to speak to Faculty of Arts Dean Russell Goulbourne, […]

Adelaide Student Attack Points to Widespread Exploitation of International Students
1 March 2021

(content warning: violence)   A viral video showing two international students assaulted in Adelaide has sparked a greater need for a conversation on wage theft.    The women were allegedly attacked after confronting their employer about being underpaid.   The video depicted an argument between a woman and a man before another man stepped into […]

22 February 2021

content warning: sexual abuse   Tall, white, rich and handsome movie star Armie Hammer probably going to be fine after latest sexual abuse allegations.  Following another slate of allegations against a famous beautiful man, reporters expect to see exactly zero consequences for his actions.  “Okay he’s a bit of a deviant, but have you seen […]

Image credits: Finley Tobin
Thousands gather in Naarm to mark Invasion Day
27 January 2021

Content warning: racism, First Nations deaths in custody.  Thousands of protestors gathered in Naarm (Melbourne) on Tuesday to call for a Treaty and to abolish so-called ‘Australia Day’. The rally was mirrored in other capital cities, with tens of thousands showing up in Canberra, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide and Hobart, as well as dozens of […]


‘Can we get a cheer for systemic oppression’: Talking racism within the VCA
8 March 2021

The Victorian College of the Arts, with the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, are one of the most influential art schools in the Southern Hemisphere; graduates have gone on to become recognisable faces of screen and stage, to have artistic works displayed in major global exhibitions and to perform on the circuit of esteemed opera houses […]

In Defense of Taylor Swift’s reputation
5 March 2021

I wish I could say that my first time listening to a Taylor Swift song was ~an experience so divine, it was like no other~ but that wouldn’t be true. The first time I heard her music, I was at my cousin’s house, who, like most other rich pre-teen girls in India, really, realllly wanted […]

5 March 2021

Ten years ago, when I was a little pre-teen, writing was easy. Words flew on paper with the grace of a sailor navigating the ocean by the North Star. I wrote stories about princesses and their knights, blog pieces advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in India and articles about the forgotten mysteries […]

Ordinary Joys
5 March 2021

Ever since my brother, my sister and I were small, my dad had a vision for us to become surfers. He had a shimmering dream of his three kids gliding down the face of waves out at sea, perfectly executing 360 degree turns with the grace and power of Kelly Slater. He has tried hard […]

Overpopulation: Not a People Problem
5 March 2021

content warning: racism, mentions of eugenics and genocide  Overpopulation can be defined as an excess of people on the planet, and the assumed environmental, social and/or economic collapse that results. It is often followed by ideas and actions about curbing such population dilemmas.  So, why is this idea an issue?  Overpopulation is a difficult discussion, […]


The World of Dragons: The Burrowing Sand Dragon
5 March 2021

 “Apep was so long and large that, even laid flat, he was taller than any human. His roar was so loud and so powerful that even the earth would shake at its sound. The enemy of Ra and order, he emerged from below to bring darkness, thirsting for chaos and destruction. Many tried to stop […]

5 March 2021

Politics is a dirty Word Mind frame Existence But remember: If you’re not interested in politics, Politics will be interested in you Imprisonment in death? Inevitable Imprisonment in politics? Avoidable I will never ever Lie Others will never ever Stop  Why? Life is unfair Hold up my sign at the parade    Careful!   The […]

The Trees in My Street
5 March 2021

Arthritic hands line my street, Creaking and aching in the wind, Stiff knotted claws arcing warily away From the hum and snap of telephone lines.   Leaves flicker and wave at the sky, Quickly breaking from stems to flutter away. As the wind takes these papery children, The trees whisper hushed goodbyes, Groaning and reaching […]

Drowned Icarus
5 March 2021

The light that drowned Icarus, when his freedom he found, was the sweetest ignorance that sent him to ground   I was the quiet water the dark and silent receiver I was the waves on fire when his body was found   Damp wax and melted feathers Gold like a sun half-downed Heat-struck he bore […]

The Park-Maker
5 March 2021

The sun, first blinding, gets gentler with time, as running slows to walking, then to sitting, and to talking. After it sets, softly, we keep our legs crossed tight— tucked in like a bedsheet— and welcoming the night.   Matchstick benches dress our set with garden-gravel rocks: the park that surrounds us is carried in […]


Review: Minari
3 March 2021

I watched Minari with a Korean friend, a first-generation immigrant like myself, and when we left the cinema, we agreed upon two things:  We would love for our parents to watch this movie. (Next to us, so we can closely discern their reactions).  We would completely understand if they turned it off at the thirty-minute […]

Review: musings on lesbianism & Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo
2 March 2021

content warning: internalised homophobia, d slur mention “Perhaps one day she’d get used to the way it made her feel: dislocated and dazed, never quite certain if the other half of her would stay offstage as directed. But tonight she felt as if she were constantly on the edge of saying or doing something wrong, […]

Review: Long Story Short (2021)
25 February 2021

Long Story Short is a romantic comedy that depicts the consequences of always putting yourself first and forgetting about the most important people in your life. Director Josh Lawson uses Sydney’s picturesque beach side as a backdrop to tell the story of how Teddy (Rafe Spall) and Leanne’s (Zahra Newman) accidental New Year’s kiss develops […]

Review: Outer Wilds
25 February 2021

As I worked on my Engineering degree, I didn’t normally make time to play games. I mean, why bother anyway? I’d grown so cynical after some disappointing games in 2020, and wondered if maybe I’d finally “outgrown” video games. They were fun for a while, but after 2 years of university, I had to prioritise […]

Review: The Gang of Five (La Mama)
25 February 2021

Just two days before Melbourne’s snap five-day lockdown, I had the privilege of attending a live play at La Mama Theatre in the heart of Abbotsford. Noel Fidge’s The Gang of Five is a two-act musical and is delivered with great energy by the five members of the cast.  Set in a wealthy suburb of […]