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I have one more article to write about NatCon for Farrago, but for now I’m going to jot down some thoughts.

OPINION: NatCon is desperately in need of reform

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  • Anonymous Till do you name your nature's wealth?
  • Notes on a Blissful Bus Ride "The way she is sitting in front of me, her head sitting softly against the bus window, seems so blissful."
  • R G B Photography from Daena Teng
  • Bed Train Desk Train Bed MONDAY It never quite makes sense. The act of turning up at a desk five days a week, followed by the arrival of money in my bank account seems strangely disconnected. As with birth and death – how wonderful it is to never truly understand the link between the two. I enter the building early. […]
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  • The Art of Banksy Review Banksy has proved to be one of the most mystifying and controversial street artists of our time, covering urban spaces with his satirical art worldwide. While some may consider the hooded man a criminal, violating public space with his blunt messages, others view him as an artistic mastermind who found a way to make people […]
  • More Than Just a Meal In a society where this issue has previously divided and angered people, the plight of asylum seekers has now become a vague sing-song in our ears.
  • In Defense of Pop Culture A defining aspect of pop culture is its ability to reach a large audience – and it is in this ability that pop culture is so powerful.
  • A Kind of Magic: An Interview with We Will Rock You Actress Erin Clare Farrago caught up with actress Erin Clare, who’s currently performing one as the rebel bohemian Scaramouche in the Melbourne season of the rock musical We Will Rock You.
  • Rage against the machine and/or dying of the light...

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