UMSU Issues Recommendations for UniMelb Respect Taskforce
21 May 2018

The University of Melbourne Student Union’s (UMSU) women’s department has issued 12 recommendations addressing the prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus.

Fake Doctors’ Certificates
21 May 2018

Several students have recently been expelled due to the provision of fake doctors’ certificates, according to the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) advocacy and legal department.

Commitment Isn’t Convenient
21 May 2018

In today’s capitalist society, the dollar is the most influential tool at one’s disposal, and the University would rather use it to benefit financially from climate change than contribute to proper efforts to mitigate it.

Melbourne Model 2.0
21 May 2018

Double degrees and a new Bachelor of Health may be on offer to University of Melbourne students as soon as 2019 as part of the second phase of the Melbourne Model.

Heritage-Listed Campbell Arcade Under Threat of Demolition
21 May 2018

Campbell Arcade, a haven for creatives nestled in the Arts district underneath Melbourne’s Degraves Lane, is under threat of partial demolition as a result of current plans released by the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) and Cross Yarra Partnership (CYP) to accommodate for the multi-billion dollar Metro Tunnel project due in 2025.


Lawful Neutral
18 May 2018

Luke Macaronas talks with Benjamin Law about gay voices in journalism and hate-fucking politicians

Careers in Nursing: An Interview with Nurse Lucy Osborn
11 May 2018

It feels like just about everybody knows a nurse, whether it’s a friend, a relative, or themselves, but do we actually know what it’s like? Long nights, thinking on your feet, and for Lucy Osborn, a love affair with her bed after a gruelling shift. I spoke to Lucy ahead of International Nurses Day about […]

For & Against: Threesomes
20 April 2018

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Clare Taylor The Three Musketeers. Destiny’s Child. Harry, Ron and Hermione. The Sex and the City girls—minus Carrie, of course, because she’s annoying af. THE HOLY TRINITY. Three is the magic number. 1. Triangles are the strongest shape. It’s physics. Look it up. 2. Threesomes make you try […]

Asher Karahasan - The Origins of Grief - small
The Inheritance of Grief
20 April 2018

by Tilli Franks

Blisters and Business Cards
20 April 2018

Kaavya Jha on authenticity in the worlds of high fashion and high finance


Night of the Beast
21 May 2018

Have you heard about the Night of the Beast? It’s the day those creatures we cared for, creatures we treasure, and the creatures we hunted come back to our world. Clothed in the skin of the underworld, fit for a hot summer evening, they march down the streets, their legs returning them to homes where the memories of them subsist.

Flash Fiction Four: Fantasy and Fables
21 May 2018

Long ago, Snow White’s ancestors invaded a beautiful, sunny land. There she lived in the Queen’s care. The Queen asked her magic mirror, “Who is the fairest in the land?”

It replied, “If you mean fair as in pale, it’s Snow White. But don’t hold yourself to the beauty standards of your oppressors. Love yourself.”

21 May 2018

skin eXXXposed
while the sun
is sweating

Judge’s 7+7
21 May 2018

strange land where meat regrets the eater &
it’s a rare strength indeed
ain’t sweetened by a drop of honey

21 May 2018

He was wearing a coat of leaves, the body and genitals covered in poultice. I’ve always known when mirrors lie. His face, though, was my dad’s fly lure, tremoring over a lake body, my gums reddening when I brushed too deliberately, the desire to chew with my mouth open, the wasps I’d seen fumigated by mum in our roof, their nest like a football. I gazed hungrily as he pointed to a mound of earth on my left—his right—nails bark-splintered.


Review: WILD at the MTC
21 May 2018

“We know everything about you,” declares Miss Prism, at one particularly jarring moment. The comment is directed at Andrew, but it is intimately felt by an audience for which such sentiments are frighteningly poignant in our current context. Wild is a thought-provoking reflection on the state of our times, and our departure from the American idealism of Snowden’s actions, a mere five years ago. A gripping, contemporary depiction of privacy and surveillance in the 21st century, MTC’s Wild is not to be missed.

Review: Ellida at La Mama
21 May 2018

That being said, the whole thing is pretty. It is just so, so pretty. The language is beautiful, the set is stunning, and the performances are solid. If you’re a big Ibsen fan: go. If you’re a set-design nerd: go. If you’re looking for a pleasant and dreamy way to spend an evening: go. Just remember to leave your riot gear at home.

Review: The Bookshop
17 May 2018

The Bookshop is, at its most generous, a film that grants us with the delighting physicality of books, wafting the cinematic equivalent of that musty, antique book-smell into our eager eyes and ears.

Review: Brothers’ Nest
17 May 2018

Brothers’ Nest follows brothers Terry and Jeff (Clayton and Shane Jacobson) as they return to their childhood home with unclear intentions.

Review: In Times of Fading Light
15 May 2018

In Times of Fading Light, opening this year’s German Film Festival, is an intensely historical picture, capturing a microcosmic vignette of 1989 East Berlin.