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Jack Kilbride on the climate of change in the food industry.

Meat The Future

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On campus
  • Capped Placements The Group of Eight (Go8) universities have called on the Federal Government to impose a limit on undergraduate placements due to difficulty finding funding for influx of students.
  • Equal Representation Paloma Herrera gives a recap of the people of colour conference.
  • Facing the Music A new conservatorium for the music faculty at the Univeristy of Melbourne to be built by 2019
  • Free Speech in Academia Peter Tzimos argues that freedom of speech encourages the promotion of ideas, the importance of staff and students’ mental wellbeing should ensure these ideas are both safely explored and readily available.
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  • Hopes For Across The Seat The lady with the mechanical cog tattooed on her back sits with her left leg decisively crossed over her right. I hope she enjoys the sunshine today.
  • Language Swap After staying up till 2am watching Korean singers from my favourite band, BTS, my sleepy mind latched onto an idea. I should learn Korean.
  • Flash Fiction: Post-Apocalyptic When every story is 100 words, every word counts. In this edition of Flash Fiction, the world has ended.
  • When I Ripped My Pants Like in teen movies when the nerd girl takes off her glasses, I ripped my pants and was ready to disappoint my parents.
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The Fodder is the University of Melbourne’s new student radio station, brought to you by the Media Department of UMSU.

  • Open Day is here! You can pick up a copy of Farrago and listen to Radio Fodder's tunes from 10am-4pm at University Square! Come say hi πŸ˜„πŸŽ§πŸ“–
  • "Shrek, everyone’s favourite comedy that twists boundaries of typical fantasy films, has been marred by the disturbing yet viral meme of β€œShrek is love, Shrek is life”. Because the Internet is a dark and sinister place." Read more on our website πŸ‘Œ
Link in the bio ⬇️ πŸ“Έ by: Tiffany Goh
Submissions for Edition 8 of Farrago AKA The Final Chapter AKA One More Time With Feeling AKA Our Last Chance To Publish Your Work This Year are NOW OPEN! πŸŽ‰
It's been a crazy year and maybe you've read a few of our magazines. Maybe you've been wondering whether to submit. Maybe you're feeling nervous and afraid of failure. Maybe you shouldn't.
We want your work, we NEED your work. Without you, we are nothing. Make us whole again.
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Hot off the press... Get it? Get it? It's a fire joke, and like a magazine joke... Never mind, I'm sorry. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #farrago #farragomagazine2016 #poem #poetry #writing #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #fire #pyromaniac #matchstick #feminism #power #words #freeverse #melbourne #unimelb #student

Come and get Edition Six up on its wobbly cow legs with us! Come and listen to some great performances of pieces from this Edition and pieces that are totally new!
Bring your friends! Bring your work! Tell your mum you love her!
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My latest illustration for @farragomagazine (right page) and a gorgeous coffee from @houseofcardsespresso πŸ‘πŸ» #littleprintsink #littleprints #prints #print #ink #drawing #painting #illustration #cliche #poem #writing #art #fineart #coffee #coffeeaddict #yesplease #vsco #vscocam #unimelb
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Pretty excited about having designed the cover of the latest @farragomagazine and seeing it in print today! ✨ #farragomagazine2016 #pickupacopymelbunippl
  • Olympics β€’ Burgers β€’ Stealing 
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