UMSU education announces On Track passes
13 February 2019

Students experiencing financial difficulties may now be able to apply for a free public transport pass as a result of the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) education department’s campaign On Track. In order to obtain a seven day or 30 day On Track pass, students will need to apply to see Vanessa Stanton, the […]

Melbourne University Publishing Logo
Melbourne University Publishing in turmoil
1 February 2019

Independent members of the Melbourne University Publishing (MUP) board and Chief Executive Officer Louise Adler have resigned over the new proposed direction of the publishing house.

Education Minister Dan Tehan
Tehan turns back on taskforce after TESQA university sexual assault findings released
1 February 2019

Federal Minister for Education Daniel Tehan has axed plans to establish an independent taskforce  that would have investigated university responses to and reported mishandlings of complaints of campus sexual assault.

MSD study spaces
Liberal senator has sights set on cutting SSAF
9 January 2019

Queensland Liberal Senator James McGrath has announced plans to introduce a private member’s bill to abolish student service and amenities fees (SSAF) when parliament reconvenes in February.

NatCon 2018: Day Two Wrap-Up
12 December 2018

Whew! We had three full sessions yesterday. Lots was discussed and, like day one, lots of yelling ensued. Discussion included NUS’s role in the 2019 federal election, freedom of speech on campuses, and lunch.


2019 Victorian Biodiversity Conference Liveblog
6 February 2019

Follow our coverage of #vicbiocon19 here!

The Problem With Travel
5 November 2018

Later this year I’m travelling to South-East Asia for three months, and I feel gut-wrenchingly guilty about it. It’s not only because of the carbon emissions involved in flying, nor the chequered and problematic history of white people journeying through Asia over the centuries. Since long before Elizabeth Gilbert ate, prayed, and loved around the globe, people from one place have travelled to another place, returning with souvenirs, stories and “new” ideas. It’s tempting to view this dissemination as a holy form of multiculturalism that celebrates social, cultural, ethnic, and linguistic difference, but I think that this belies a much shadier truth: self-interest in all its forms is the bedrock of travel.

Explainer: The US Midterms
4 November 2018

This week in America, on the first Tuesday of November, a very different race will stop a very different nation. It is a race with much more at stake. It is a race to majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate. It is, among other things, a race to be Governor in 36 states, to legalise recreational marijuana in Michigan and to give ex-felons the right to vote in Florida. This Tuesday, America votes in the midterm elections.

Silent Bodies
24 October 2018

It is only recently that McAllister returned to perform, for the first time since becoming artistic director, in the Australian Ballet’s production of The Merry Widow in Melbourne. On a stage saturated by diamond-studded dresses and scarlet curtains, McAllister appears as Njegus, the bumbling secretary to the ambassador. Pantomimic and slapstick, the fantasy is in full swing—and McAllister knows how to play the game. The audience drinks deeply from his perfectly timed winks and silly walks, revelling in the comedy.

I Do Not Have a White Name
24 September 2018

So, no, I do not have a white name. I wish other non-white people didn’t either. Our names are beautiful. They speak of our roots, cultures, homes we so dearly love. I would rather repeat my name thrice than cut it to make someone else more comfortable.


30 November 2018

His fingernails are covered in dirt,
their black edges resemble black
moons black wings of Death’s-head
hawkmoths and black birds.

Ho Ho Hold Up!
30 November 2018

The night was sweltering, despite all the jingles. Snow was a laughable concept for this part of the globe. A white Christmas even more so. Handcrafted snowflakes in windows were a poor substitute, but this festive season brought out a desperation like no other. Harry made himself comfortable on the roof, keeping his swinging legs from hitting the gutter. It was imperative that his hiding spot wasn’t compromised, for his opponent had been in the game long enough to prove a worthy challenge.

Dark Imaginings: Three Gothic Tales of Wonder
16 November 2018

These three stories are the winning entries from the gothic-themed micro-story competition associated with the exhibition Dark Imaginings: Gothic Tales of Wonder curated by Special Collections in the Noel Shaw Gallery, Baillieu Library. The challenge was to use 300 words (or less) to tell a gothic story. While the exhibition focused on the gothic from c 1750 to 1900, the competition was open to free interpretation of the word “gothic”.

A Small Collection of Things in Reverse
24 October 2018

She was on her knees by a depressive begonia.
“They’re not getting any air in here,” she said when she saw me. “It’s gotten to the point where I have to go around breathing on them, multiple times a day.”
I unloaded the box on the kitchen counter.

24 October 2018

  in a cabin above the irksome sea where the electric heater thaws us we make pancakes for lunch pasta for dinner we play at domesticity we watch a movie we disagree vehemently the night appoints us fools you tell me you love me let’s retire these ugly games and go to bed


Review: Laneway 2019
13 February 2019

With only a slight promise of sun in the afternoon, punters were to experience a rollercoaster of a day. The 2019 line-up nonetheless promised a chance to witness some of live music’s finest. And no amount of questionable weather was going to stop the assembly of Melbourne’s music devotees.

Review: At Eternity’s Gate
12 February 2019

At Eternity’s Gate is the latest film inspired by visionary post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh.  It is set in the turbulent last years of van Gogh’s life, as he grapples with mental illness, spirituality and an all-encompassing compulsion to paint the world as he sees it. Director Julian Schnabel (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) does his best to understand the man behind the icon; to strip away novelty and gaze at the star-crossed van Gogh operating on an alien frequency.

Review: Sweet Phoebe
12 February 2019

Contemporary classic Sweet Phoebe has been reimagined for Red Stitch Theatre under the direction of Mark Wilson, a quarter century after it premiered in Sydney starring a young Cate Blanchett. In this stark, intimate space, tightly wound couple Helen (Olivia Monticciolo) and Fraser (Marcus McKenzie) rove around their desperately upper-middle-class domain, eager to quash the insecurities plaguing them as they barrel towards mutually assured success.

Review: The Odditorium
11 February 2019

Anyone who has ever thought about running away to join the circus probably dreamed of something like The Odditorium. Presented as part of the Midsumma Festival, it is a cabaret love letter to the magic of circus and vaudeville.