OPINION | ‘Digging, a deep dark trench’: students left unsupported in wake of COVID-19
15 April 2021

There is a truism, first circulated in public space by artist Jenny Holzer in 1977, “abuse of power comes as no surprise”. This is the exact reason that the University of Melbourne has an independent student advocacy service—to provide students with a source of procedural fairness when they face the inequalities that often plague this […]

“Stop lying to staff and students”: Students and staff rally against job and course cuts
31 March 2021

Students and staff gathered outside the Raymond Priestley Building on 25 March to demand an end to the University’s recent staff and course cuts, and call for an improved, more equitable and accessible education. The rally was organised by University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) Education Public Officers Hannah Krasovec and Tejas Gandhi, in collaboration […]

Concerns Arise as COVID-19 Supplement End-Date Looms
26 March 2021

As financial supplements introduced by the government during COVID-19 are set to end on March 28, there is rising discussion over the potentially adverse impacts that this may have on tertiary students across Australia.  Whilst some students have been able to access such financial support, others have been excluded from receiving government welfare payments throughout […]

“Zero Tolerance for Sexual Assault”: Students and Staff Demand Condemnation of Professor Alan Lopez
24 March 2021

content warning: sexual harassment and sexual assault, in no explicit detail Despite wet and windy conditions, protesters gathered outside MacFarland Court this afternoon to call for the University to publicly condemn Professor Alan Lopez. Earlier this month, an article published by The Age revealed that the University had allowed Professor Lopez to retain his roles […]

“Enough is enough”: thousands rally at Treasury Gardens for Melbourne’s March 4 Justice
18 March 2021

[content warning: gendered violence, sexual assault and deaths in custody] Thousands of women gathered in Treasury Gardens on a Monday 15 March to protest against gendered violence and sexual assault in the workplace. The rally was one of approximately forty similar events held across the country hosted by the March 4 Justice movement, a grassroots […]


200th Anniversary of Greek Independence Day
14 April 2021

The Greek Independence Day, which falls on the 25th of March 2021, marks the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution. Greece was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish occupation for 400 years, and in March 1821, began their revolt. This War of Independence established Greece as an independent state. An underground secret […]

The Invisibles: Reflections of an Overseas International Student
13 April 2021

Anonymous. As semester one 2021 began, campus grounds awoke from almost a year of dormancy, filling up again with sights, sounds and students. Social media timelines flooded with summery snapshots of students on South Lawn, or hugging the University’s teddy bear mascot. Some official University accounts even started pushing the #RediscoverUnimelb hashtag, urging students to […]

Can the Subaltern Internet?
23 March 2021

 The Fundamental Right to the Internet Cw: mentions of refugees in detention and police violence. Towards the end of a catastrophic 2020 and start of 2021, I’ve built some beautiful and unexpected friendships. If you stop by Lincoln Square at 6 pm on weekdays, you will see a fairly large group of people (including me) […]

‘Can we get a cheer for systemic oppression’: Talking racism within the VCA
8 March 2021

The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), with the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, are one of the most influential art schools in the Southern Hemisphere. Graduates have gone on to become recognisable faces of screen and stage, to have artistic works displayed in major global exhibitions and to perform on the circuit of esteemed opera […]

In Defense of Taylor Swift’s reputation
5 March 2021

I wish I could say that my first time listening to a Taylor Swift song was ~an experience so divine, it was like no other~ but that wouldn’t be true. The first time I heard her music, I was at my cousin’s house, who, like most other rich pre-teen girls in India, really, realllly wanted […]


An Artist’s Struggle
2 April 2021

And on a hot, 33-degree day She sat in her room And wrote half a play. It wasn’t very good But it wasn’t very bad Yet she knew in her heart that really she had let herself down, left it too last minute. There were barely any scenes or characters in it. “But it’s experimental! […]

Being John Malkovich: Review
12 March 2021

What makes a consciousness independent? Evidently, not much according to Spike Jonze’s 1999 ‘classic’: Being John Malkovich. Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) is an unsuccessful puppeteer who discovers a portal into the head of John Malkovich (John Malkovich). Schwartz mostly plods along as an asinine protagonist, only to be challenged with fanciful moral dilemmas and philosophical […]

The World of Dragons: The Burrowing Sand Dragon
5 March 2021

 “Apep was so long and large that, even laid flat, he was taller than any human. His roar was so loud and so powerful that even the earth would shake at its sound. The enemy of Ra and order, he emerged from below to bring darkness, thirsting for chaos and destruction. Many tried to stop […]

5 March 2021

Politics is a dirty Word Mind frame Existence But remember: If you’re not interested in politics, Politics will be interested in you Imprisonment in death? Inevitable Imprisonment in politics? Avoidable I will never ever Lie Others will never ever Stop  Why? Life is unfair Hold up my sign at the parade    Careful!   The […]

The Trees in My Street
5 March 2021

Arthritic hands line my street, Creaking and aching in the wind, Stiff knotted claws arcing warily away From the hum and snap of telephone lines.   Leaves flicker and wave at the sky, Quickly breaking from stems to flutter away. As the wind takes these papery children, The trees whisper hushed goodbyes, Groaning and reaching […]


Review: Kit Richard’s Scandal: The Musical! (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 28th March 2021)
8 April 2021

On the way to Carlton’s magnificent and massive Trades Hall, I decided to follow Google Maps. A dumb move considering it’s on the corner of Lygon and Victoria and therefore not difficult to find for someone who’s lived close to the city for nearly three years now. But somehow I do get lost trying to […]

REVIEW: Sam Taunton – Rooster (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
5 April 2021

I first saw Australian comedian Sam Taunton perform in 2019 at the Palais Theatre, when he was the opening act for Rob Brydon’s live show I Am Standing Up. I remember thinking ‘Wow! What a great opening act!’, and wanted to see more of his work. And 2 years later, here we are. Taunton’s first […]

Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Tsai Ming-Liang, 2003)
28 March 2021

Flaneur culture emerged during the nascent era of industrialism to denote citizens who could walk the city with a sense of leisure—a recurring, if unintentional trope in Tsai Ming-Liang’s 2003 film Goodbye, Dragon Inn. Cinemas are fragile and delicate spaces, as highlighted throughout Tsai’s film, which portrays a single-theatre cinema in Taipei before its imminent […]

Review: Rippon Lea Estate Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears Exhibition
25 March 2021

There is no better way to celebrate the fashion of Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears than by viewing it within Aunt Prudence’s very own home – otherwise known to non-Miss Fisher fanatics as Rippon Lea Estate in Elsternwick. In 2012, the ABC premiered Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a detective series which followed the […]

THE WITCHES: A New Generation (Moonlight Cinema)
23 March 2021

cw: ableism There’s nothing quite like discovering Roald Dahl’s world as a child—it’s full of wonder, imagination and the perfect dose of dark comedy. The Witches marks the latest adaptation of a Dahl classic. (We won’t discuss Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we pretend that doesn’t exist.) The Witches (and Matilda) have always […]