Campus News Briefing: Fossil Free, Removalists and The GSA
24 March 2018

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Three Critical Lessons from the GSA’s Special General Meeting
23 March 2018

If you have not been keeping up with campus news this week, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) had a special general meeting (SGM) last night to pass significant constitutional reforms. Despite a firm push from the GSA, the motion was ultimately defeated. This is a significant blow to the leadership of the GSA, given their […]

Students Protest $2.2 Billion Cuts to Higher Education
23 March 2018

A contingent of over 30 University of Melbourne students joined forces with fellow Victorian students at the State Library of Victoria to protest the Coalition government’s $2.2 billion cuts to higher education on Wednesday, 21 March. This is the largest single cut to university funding in Australia’s history, resulting in the loss of 10,000 Commonwealth Supported […]

Fossil Free Hangs Out The University’s Dirty Laundry
22 March 2018

Today students from Fossil Free Melbourne University (FFMU) hung up their dirty laundry outside the Raymond Priestley building to put pressure on the University to divest from fossil fuels. The University is set to release its Sustainable Investment Framework on 28 March—a document which will determine whether the University will continue to invest in fossil […]

An Interview with Incoming Head of Veterinary School, Anna Meredith
22 March 2018

This year, there are many changes occurring at the Melbourne Veterinary School including Professor Anna Meredith assuming the position of Head of the Melbourne Veterinary School in July … Professor Meredith was kind enough to conduct an interview with Farrago about her new role, the direction of the Melbourne Veterinary School, and the impact that the changes will have upon students.


Poorniima Shanmugam: Selling Refugee Rights
Selling Refugee Rights to the Right
24 March 2018

Andie Moore on pitching humane asylum-seeker policy to conservatives.

Interview: Orny Adams—Once Comedy’s Antagonised Underdog
20 March 2018

Speaking about failure, Orny said: “It’s frustrating, it’s angering, it’s not easy, and it’s painful. It’s a lot of pain. You can’t intellectualize what’s going on. It doesn’t make sense to you, you know you’re capable of something and you’re not being allowed to do it. It’s that sense of injustice which I think is something that we all feel in life.”

Review: Colder at Red Stitch Actors Theatre
19 March 2018

Overall, through its rhythmic interweaving of narratives, Colder creates an experience that is haunting and thought-provoking. The production goes beyond simply exploring what happens when a person goes missing; it explores the tensions that can lie dormant beneath the surface of any relationship. If you are looking for a challenging production that plays with language and leaves you pondering as you walk away from the theatre, this one’s for you.

‘Into the Abyss’: An Interview with Jacob Sacher
19 March 2018

When Jacob first joins me in the office I feel a little flustered, but he kindly reassures me: “There is no such thing as good or bad questions, only human connection.” We’re off to a good start. To continue with this theme of human connection, Jacob shares a recent, personal experience of participating in a medical study, which has left him with a sore spleen due to an increase in white blood cells. I quietly (but sincerely) hope that this won’t be an issue during the interview.

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Coverage
19 March 2018

Welcome to the coverage of VAMFF this year: from photography to comedic reviews, our writers sat in the front rows to get you the fashion coverage you’ve been wanting all along.


Gallery: Ryder Runway at VAMFF
19 March 2018

Our photographer Caroline Voelker travelled to the Ryder Runway show in Cremorne at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and took these beautiful shots.

Flash Fiction Two: Fanfiction
14 March 2018

Content warning: sex
The doctor is kneeling on top of the Tardis. They raise one of their hands; floating through the rings of a gas giant—imagine Saturn but lavender—particles twist around their sixth digit. They remember a quote from a Futurama episode: “The ship stays where it is, and the engine moves the universe around it.”

Crazy Steve Rodgers: I Run Into Bucky in 2014!
14 March 2018

Content warning: violence, panic attack
FURY: Steve you are so good at fighting I’m giving you a promotion. Honestly I was worried about it because you are seriously traumatised and I’m asking you to go into life-threating combat situations but then I decided it will probably be okay.

14 March 2018

— Don’t try so hard to be profound. It’s annoying.
— I’m writing how I feel.
— You were eating a chip when you had your first kiss. Okay. Gross. But the chip is not a symbol, Miranda. You don’t feel it flaccid, lukewarm, lodged at the back of your throat as you speak and especially when you remain silent. A potato is not the patriarchy. Anyway, what is this supposed to be? Is it a poem?

14 March 2018

ephemeral dalliance.
diaphanous gossamer.
caress, tessellate.