Daniel Andrews Announces Postcode Lockdowns
30 June 2020

Premier Daniel Andrews has issued stay-at-home orders for several suburbs in Melbourne after recent spikes in positive cases of COVID-19 in Victoria.

“Apology without action means nothing”: First Nations students denounce the destruction of sacred sites
18 June 2020

On June 17, the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) Indigenous Department and and the other UMSU student representative departments released a joint statement condemning Rio Tinto’s destruction of a sacred site in the Western Pilbara, referring to the mining company’s decision as “an act of cultural genocide”.

International students’ demand for fee relief and compensation
12 June 2020

Students at the University of Melbourne have come together to campaign for the reduction and compensation of their tuition fees following the switch to online classes. Gathering on platforms like Facebook, over 3,500 students have in the last two months joined groups such as UNIMELB-Fee Reduction-Online Teaching-COVID 19, where they are sharing experiences and grievances around a widely perceived deterioration in teaching quality.

University concedes to vet students’ demands
11 June 2020

The University of Melbourne has adjusted its accommodation of veterinary students following pushback after its announcement that students would be evicted from Kendall Hall because of COVID-19 restrictions.   In a May 26 meeting between the Melbourne Veterinary School and veterinary students, it was revealed that fourth-year students with accommodation at Werribee Campus had five business […]

Behind the Signs, a March Towards Justice
9 June 2020

This news opinion piece mentions Indigenous deaths in custody, suicide, child abuse, racial genocide, and police violence. Cultural warning for references to deceased persons. Featured photo by Finley Tobin.  The size of the crowd meeting the urgency of the moment, tens of thousands of Victorians attended the Black Lives Matter rally in Naarm (Melbourne) on […]


A Sex and Dating Guide During COVID-19
25 April 2020

With many countries going into lockdown and millions staying home, the coronavirus is definitely the biggest cockblock of 2020. Couples and single folks alike are wondering: “How the hell do I get freaky in a time like this?”.

Farrago 2020 Edition 1 Cover
The Curtain Calls For You to Think
23 April 2020

If I would say one thing about Come From Away, other than that it is worth every minute and dollar, it would be that it highlights that amidst suffocating hate, it is possible to find that lemon-drop of kindness in you.

OPINION: Observing Australia During the Bushfire Crisis
23 April 2020

The last few months in Australia have seen frustration and confusion towards the Australian Government and their response to bushfires among the residents of the country.

Sex: A Third Culture Kid’s Experience
23 April 2020

Every sexual experience that I have had has boiled down to one governing emotion: guilt.

An Open Letter to Mr Scott Morrison 
4 April 2020

Earlier this week, you made a statement that surprised absolutely no one and was completely in line with the moral fibre and integrity of character you’ve displayed time and time again.


How to Forget Him
23 April 2020

Smash the amulet
that you are so sure
holds his eyes within it

Losing Grip
23 April 2020

John woke up with a grenade in his hand.
That wasn’t the worst of it. His alarm said he was going to be late for work.

a catcher’s handbook
25 March 2020

a love for spearmint, for the burgundy red
                   rhubarb patch

kitchen ants
25 March 2020

They reverberate their
pheromone calls

gallery of rotten riches
25 March 2020

under the withered moon of catastrophe
a strain on the blueberry sky.


Review: Partition Voices
16 May 2020

Bari is the Bengali word for one’s ancestral home; it is your desh, the place that always holds an important key to understanding who you are. For those uprooted – and often traumatised, as the people in this series of true stories often are – the idea of bari is a confusing one…

Review: Goodbye, Elton John
17 March 2020

This concert was 50 years in the making, and my goodness did it exceed my highly-set expectations! 
After performing in Melbourne multiple times throughout his long and successful career, Sir Elton John took his last bow on a Melbourne stage on Sunday 15th December. This 150th show of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour was performed at a packed Rod Laver Arena, full to the brim of fans who were eagerly awaiting the chance to see Elton perform one last time.

Review: The Hitmen
17 March 2020

As a satire of job-hunting hell, The Hitmen struggles to strike its target. Nonetheless, Mish Wittrup’s new play offers some gory chuckles and a suite of energetic performances.

Review: Pollen Revolution @ Asia TOPA
3 March 2020

Despite being younger than his mentors, Akira Kasai is considered to be one of the most established figures of butoh, starting his own studio in Japan–before studying Eurythmy (expressive movement art) in Germany. Kasai’s wide range of influences is evident in Pollen Revolution, brought for the first time to the Melbourne stage by Dancehouse Theatre.

Review: Citizen K
3 March 2020

Citizen K, directed and written by Alex Gibney, tells a side of the Cold War story that is arguably more interesting, and indeed more deadly, than the war itself: how does a nation with a communist backbone going back centuries suddenly make the transition to capitalism? How do its citizens get by? How does the government and its laws catch up to such an upheaval?