Parasite: Review
5 May 2021

It’s incredible to think how much joy and destruction one small family can inflict. Bong Joon-ho’s dark comedy thriller Parasite (2020) is held together by a strong cast and slick directing, and the take-home message is clear: bonding with your family causes death. I feel I reserve the right to criticise this cynical view of […]

Concerns Arise as COVID-19 Supplement End-Date Looms
26 April 2021

As financial supplements introduced by the government during COVID-19 are set to end on 28 March, there is rising discussion over the potentially adverse impacts that this may have on tertiary students across Australia.  Whilst some students have been able to access such financial support, others have been excluded from receiving government welfare payments throughout […]

Long-term Effects of Job-ready Graduates Package Still Uncertain
26 April 2021

Background The Job-ready Graduate Package is expected to significantly reshape higher education pathways and impact many students across the country. However, it is anticipated that the impacts of the legislation, which passed in October 2020, will not be fully known for several years.  The package is set to see certain courses, primarily in the fields […]

UniMelb Policy Reversion Another Setback for International Students
26 April 2021

UniMelb Policy Reversion Another Setback for International Students Vanessa Chan and Jiyun Kim  Unable to return to campus this semester, international students stuck overseas are now facing changes to Reduced Study Load (RSL) and Leave of Absence (LoA) eligibility.  With the University resisting to list COVID-19 as a compassionate reason for the RSL and LoA […]

COVID-safe Activism on Campus
26 April 2021

Due to COVID restrictions, students and organisations at the University of Melbourne will have to rethink the way they protest this year. The University has a rich history of student protest, from Invasion Day marches to the die-in staged in the Arts West foyer on Open Day to protest the University’s participation in the 2019 […]


on worth
23 April 2021

I measure my worth in the number of meetings I attend, in the number of responses I get in my 9am sociology class, and in how many people have liked my latest Instagram poem. When I feel my back start to crack, I tell myself —“one more reading and you can rest”, and then one […]

Still a Love Story, Only More
23 April 2021

In the backseat of my family’s old sedan, the air was warm in spite of the blasting air conditioning. I leaned against the window, scanning the houses we passed by. The weekend was so close that I could’ve grasped it between my fingers. At eight years old, a lot of things looked brand new. At […]

Curly Hair: An Analysis
23 April 2021

“Your hair is so cool! Can I feel it?” These are words I have grown accustomed to hearing throughout my entire life. Growing up in a predominantly white community, my mixed-race curly hair was seen as somewhat of a novelty. Friends, teachers at school, other adults and passersby all seemed to be drawn towards it. […]

The Little Things: a Partly Solved Mystery
23 April 2021

When I was younger, the saying, “it’s the little things in life,” used to both annoy and confuse me. As adults would patiently explain, the smallest moments—another leaf sprouting from a houseplant, slipping into crisp, clean bed sheets—were the stuffing of life. The sustenance, the good stuff—the point, really. These wise explanations fell on deaf […]

To Listen to the Mockingbirds: Why celebrating literature by PoC authors is the key to countering racism in the literary canon
23 April 2021

content warning: Discussions of racism and colonialism, mentions of police violence. Halfway through my final year of high school, I made an executive decision: from then on, I would exclusively read books written by people of colour. I also announced this decision to anybody who would listen. Many implied that I was being “extreme”. In […]


Parasite: Review
5 May 2021

It’s incredible to think how much joy and destruction one small family can inflict. Bong Joon-ho’s dark comedy thriller Parasite (2020) is held together by a strong cast and slick directing, and the take-home message is clear: bonding with your family causes death. I feel I reserve the right to criticise this cynical view of […]

30 April 2021

content warning: violence. it starts in the middle of the milkbar with me staring at the lolly wall, the colourful sweets locked inside their plastic compartments, allowed freedom only by their little scoopers and the hands of sweet-toothed teens – the freckles, the gummy babies, the milk bottles, the snakes – and i’m thinking of […]

The World of Dragons: The Gnawing Tree Dragon
26 April 2021

“Níðhöggr lived beneath the great tree Yggdrasil. He gnawed on its roots, growing bigger each day. The roots were so tangled that they twisted around his body; the more he ate, the bigger he became; the bigger he became, the more the roots curled around him, trapping him where he lay. And from where he […]

An Artist’s Struggle
2 April 2021

And on a hot, 33-degree day She sat in her room And wrote half a play. It wasn’t very good But it wasn’t very bad Yet she knew in her heart that really she had let herself down, left it too last minute. There were barely any scenes or characters in it. “But it’s experimental! […]

Being John Malkovich: Review
12 March 2021

What makes a consciousness independent? Evidently, not much according to Spike Jonze’s 1999 ‘classic’: Being John Malkovich. Craig Schwartz (John Cusack) is an unsuccessful puppeteer who discovers a portal into the head of John Malkovich (John Malkovich). Schwartz mostly plods along as an asinine protagonist, only to be challenged with fanciful moral dilemmas and philosophical […]


I’ve Been Thinking About Nothing but Supergiant’s Hades for Weeks
23 April 2021

The world is garbage. Let’s talk about video games. Specifically, one video game that has invaded my life and my brain, consuming every waking moment of conscious thought since it was released on Nintendo Switch in September 2020. I’m talking about Hades, Supergiant Games’ latest release and the new love of my life (until the […]

Review: Kit Richard’s Scandal: The Musical! (Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 28th March 2021)
8 April 2021

On the way to Carlton’s magnificent and massive Trades Hall, I decided to follow Google Maps. A dumb move considering it’s on the corner of Lygon and Victoria and therefore not difficult to find for someone who’s lived close to the city for nearly three years now. But somehow I do get lost trying to […]

REVIEW: Sam Taunton – Rooster (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
5 April 2021

I first saw Australian comedian Sam Taunton perform in 2019 at the Palais Theatre, when he was the opening act for Rob Brydon’s live show I Am Standing Up. I remember thinking ‘Wow! What a great opening act!’, and wanted to see more of his work. And 2 years later, here we are. Taunton’s first […]

Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Tsai Ming-Liang, 2003)
28 March 2021

Flaneur culture emerged during the nascent era of industrialism to denote citizens who could walk the city with a sense of leisure—a recurring, if unintentional trope in Tsai Ming-Liang’s 2003 film Goodbye, Dragon Inn. Cinemas are fragile and delicate spaces, as highlighted throughout Tsai’s film, which portrays a single-theatre cinema in Taipei before its imminent […]

Review: Rippon Lea Estate Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears Exhibition
25 March 2021

There is no better way to celebrate the fashion of Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears than by viewing it within Aunt Prudence’s very own home – otherwise known to non-Miss Fisher fanatics as Rippon Lea Estate in Elsternwick. In 2012, the ABC premiered Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a detective series which followed the […]