Students Stand in Solidarity with Victims of Sexual Assault
2 August 2017

University of Melbourne students lit candles and wrote chalk messages in support of those affected by sexual assault and harassment, last night on Union Lawn.

University Fails to Support Victims of Sexual Assault
1 August 2017

The University is sitting below the national average with regard to having accessible support services for victims of sexual assault.

University Students Experiencing “Alarming” Incidence of Campus Sexual Assault

The results to the nationwide survey into campus sexual assault and harassment have been released.

Racist Posters Target Chinese Students
24 July 2017

Numerous racist posters were found around the University this morning threatening Chinese students with deportation if they enter campus buildings.

Chancellor Cheat Sheet
13 July 2017

The Chancellor: The Council, Philanthropy and HECS


Review: Mirror’s Edge
9 August 2017

Right from the second I take my seat in the audience, I’m struck foremost by the stage upon which Mirror’s Edge will be performed.

Beginner’s Guide to the Melbourne International Film Festival

With the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) we’re lucky enough to have one of the oldest film festivals in the world, with a great line-up of local and international content. But even for the most seasoned filmgoer the excitement of attending can quickly morph into hyperventilated dread. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when there is […]

Queer Eye on the Straight Guy: Episode One – Guess Who’s Back?
6 August 2017

With a spring in his step, seasoned Bachelor Matty J’s back (back again) after his rather-fucking-brutal dumping by Georgia Love last year. Almost looking like he didn’t have his heart ripped out his chest and tossed off the side of a lush Singaporean rooftop just under a year ago, Australia’s Golden Boy has returned to […]

Review: Documenta 14
30 July 2017

“DEAR DOCUMENTA 14: IT MUST BE NICE TO CRITIQUE CAPITALISM ETC. WITH A 38 MILLION EURO BUDGET.” This is the note I find stuck to a hand dryer in the bathrooms of the Documenta Halle as I meander around Kassel for this year’s incarnation of the contemporary art mega-show Documenta. It is not an official […]

Car Chase Choreography: The Musical World of Baby Driver
21 July 2017

A movie with a heart that beats to the rhythm of exhilarating music.


How To: Spice Up Your iPhone
9 August 2017

As uni students, we are all guilty of using social media for procrastination and scrolling through our news feeds to avoid listening to the monotone drone of lecturers. Another way to avoid life’s responsibilities is by trying out different apps. No, I’m not going to tell you to download my.unimelb – you can’t even check […]

Christmas Down Under
30 July 2017

After careful deliberation, it has become apparent to some observant Australians that we have been celebrating Christmas during the wrong season.

Governing Melbourne’s Soundtrack
18 July 2017

On Melbourne’s Bourke Street, an elderly Japanese man in a two-piece tuxedo drips with sweat as he reaches the virtuosic crescendo of his violin concerto.

Fleshing It Out

Sex robots? In your vagina? It’s more likely than you think.

Hamilton Is Not That Great

As a piece of musical theatre, it captured the zeitgeist in a way that hasn’t been done so for at least two years. That’s very nice and shouldn’t be discredited. But, zooming out, checking the macro – Hamilton as a piece of theatre, as a hip hop chronicle of the United States of America’s founding – is not excellent and it is not great.


The Firer

Gunther woke up feeling sick.

Dip In The Pool

shark on the line –

Jerusalem, 1:42 AM

smoky glass army past

Part Five: Fifty Shades of Blue

I clung tightly to a Country Road bag full of onions, engaged in a fierce tug-of-war contest with the now crazed former Prime Minister.

In A House On A Hill

The house perches on old stilts on a sloping, dusty shore.