UMSU Electoral Tribunal Rejects More!’s Appeal
17 September 2018

On Friday, the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) electoral tribunal rejected More!’s appeal for a re-election for the general secretariat and women’s office. The appeal made allegations against the returning officers over defective conduct of the election. The appeal was initiated by More!’s general secretary candidate, Elinor Mills and the women’s officer candidates, Dilpreet […]

ANALYSIS: Why UMSU Might Have Another Election
13 September 2018

This year’s UMSU elections were hotly contested but nothing was closer than the races for the general secretariat and the welfare office. With fewer than a dozen votes separating each ballot (amongst thousands of total votes), this election was certifiably, undeniably, toight. The returning officers of Above Quota Elections have declared the welfare office has been won by More! and the general secretariat by Stand Up!. But Elinor Mills, the candidate More! endorsed for general secretary, has lodged an appeal with the electoral tribunal against the returning officers. Now, the electoral tribunal may issue a declaration that a new election be conducted.

Far-Right Figures On Campus
12 September 2018

Last Friday, three far-right figures, one of whom was wearing a shirt which read “it’s okay to be white”, came onto the Parkville campus claiming to be interviewing students about the recent Liberal Party leadership spill.

Campus News Briefing: Election Results, SSAF Grants, Turnitin
10 September 2018

Your latest campus news briefing.

Stand Up Retains UMSU Presidency
7 September 2018

Stand Up!’s Molly Willmott has been declared the 2018–19 UMSU president.


The Welfare State Is Homophobic
14 September 2018

Queers are outraged about the proposed regulation of poppers—and the restriction of its recreational use. And rightly so. The arguments against these regulations are convincing—it’s your body and your choice to ingest whatever substance you like. But every new prohibition on social behaviours comes from somewhere and we should ask what made regulating poppers possible in the first place, to properly critique these immoral policies.

No Pens, No Paper
12 September 2018

Demitra Lazarakis on why education matters to her Art by Nicola Dobinson     I remember a moment vividly from when I was around 15 years old. I had spent the afternoon with my grandparents— Grandma Cornelia and Grandpa George, γιαγιά and παππού in Greek. On this particular day, I noticed one of my grandma’s […]

Hello My Name Is…
27 August 2018

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet.” Although, he was probably referring to white names because we all know that Rose rolls off the tongue a lot easier than Mishti does.

For & Against: Lockout Lockheed
14 August 2018

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Lockout Lockheed Students at the University of Melbourne ought to be informed about a lot of things. First, that their university is making secretive deals with transnational arms manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and BAE. Second, that these partnerships incentivise war by institutionalising and normalising the presence of weapons […]

13 August 2018

By the end of it, Mary didn’t feel any love toward the sheep. She didn’t want to hold their slimy bodies, cold and wet, abandoned by their mothers. Most didn’t even know how to suckle properly. She had given up trying to help lost lambs.


Suffering and Drowning
11 September 2018

When the memories flood through her skin
like milk – when you pour it into porridge,
Her world melts.

I have a crush on e-girls: 2am poetry about Melbourne
11 September 2018

Listening to X only after he’s dead
Capitalising on vintage Woolworths’ plastic bags
Remixing washed out lo-fi vinyls from Savers

A Nihilistic Interpretation of Love
11 September 2018

I took aim, and released.
Mushroom clouds snapped apart;
a wafer-thin crunch,
a child treading on dry leaves,
dust gliding aimlessly against light.

trying to sleep
11 September 2018

if a bear shits in the woods and no-one is around to hear it, then does a bear shit in the woods?
whatever the hell

celestial bodies
11 September 2018

she lies awake
legs spread wide
ready to birth a new star


Review: Murder Village at Arts House
17 September 2018

The answer, of course, is no. The lightness of the material, the talent on stage, and the apparent joy throughout make this show thoroughly enjoyable. It makes you want more than an hour. And when it’s over, and you feel only ten minutes older, you’ll think that’s the worst thing of all.

Review: “The dust moats float.”—Luke Beesley’s Aqua Spinach
17 September 2018

Maybe it’s me, not him. Maybe I didn’t give these poems the attention they deserved. Certainly, there were enough great moments to know that Beesley is a skillful and original writer, one who I’ll be returning to. Maybe a closer, more perceptive reader would find more in these poems, and the strange corners which Beesley contorts himself into are impressive in-themselves. If you want to feel like you’re driving through heavy fog and a coral reef at the same time, then I recommend Aqua Spinach wholeheartedly. I’m excited for whatever Beesley makes next, whether poetry, fiction, film, or song.

Review: Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot
10 September 2018

“I just realised I didn’t want to go to parties or play tennis anymore.” We begin Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot as a middle aged, upper class woman matter of factly tells her story of a mid life crisis, Valium prescription and alcoholism to an AA meeting in a room of bobbing heads.

Review: You Were Never Really Here
6 September 2018

Ramsay never grants us a fuller picture of Joe’s past, and we are left with no idea of his future. After the plot unfolds, we abandon the characters at this uncertain juncture, oblivious to the fallout. There is no resolution, no closure, no justice. Like Nina and Joe, we are left dazed and bewildered, unsure of what is to come. You Were Never Really Here is no ordinary genre film, and Ramsay doesn’t offer any gratifying release to the tension the film builds. She allows the film to continue reverberating in your consciousness long after you’ve seen it. As the great Paul Schrader observes, the best films begin when you walk out of the cinema. 

Review: Something To Be Tiptoed Around
6 September 2018

‘Something To Be Tiptoed Around’ is a new release from the Grattan Street Press as part of their Shorts Series, which showcases writing that does not fit into conventional publication formats. Having read this book three times in as many days, I would like to recommend that you buy it from a store or borrow it from me, and read it as quickly as possible and then read it again but slowly, carefully, quietly listening.