UMSU International Extends Nomination Deadline for Election
19 April 2018

UMSU International has extended the deadline for nominations for its annual general election to increase competition after multiple positions were uncontested or under-contested.

Staff Industry Action Looms As NTEU Negotiations Stall
17 April 2018

Staff at the University of Melbourne have begun the process of commencing industrial action, due to slow-moving negotiations regarding conditions of work with the University.

Students Take a Radical Look at Education
13 April 2018

It aims to educate University of Melbourne students about radical ideas, and prompt them to think about their degrees in new ways. It hopes to challenge the growing corporatisation of Australian universities and universities around the world, and to create a critical dialogue about the capitalist systems that make this happen and how they affect students something which is not covered in general curriculums.

Open Letter: The Government Has Blocked All Student Media From Accessing The Budget Lock-Up
11 April 2018

That’s why we are signing this open letter: after a year of sustained attempts to change higher education policy, we at least deserve the respect to be able to examine the government’s policy suggestions.

Fishermans Bend: A Fishy Deal or an OTP with BAE?
10 April 2018

On 19 February, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the University of Melbourne and defence manufacturing company BAE Systems Australia to conditionally collaborate in Fishermans Bend. The agreement has raised questions over whether the University should be investing in the defence industry. If BAE Systems is selected to supply the Australian Army with AMV35 […]


Adibah Amani Nasarudin - I'm Not Spanish
No, I’m Not Spanish
5 April 2018

Nour Altoukhi on being ethnically misidentified

Adibah Amani Nasarudin - Kids Cats and Survival
Kids, Cats and Survival
5 April 2018

I am curled up in a ball like a frightened armadillo.

Rebecca Fowler - Amongst the Sparrows
Amongst the Sparrows
5 April 2018

One of my favourite small pleasures in life is to sit with an espresso and watch the sparrows—something that can be experienced in almost every city around the world.

Personal Behaviour - Lincoln Glasby
Can an Individual’s Choice Make a Difference in the Face of Global Warming?
5 April 2018

Katie Doherty on an individual’s choice in the face of global warming

Oxytocin - Lincoln Glasby
Can Love Cure Addiction?
5 April 2018

Any first-year psych student knows the story. A mouse is placed in a box with two levers. One delivers food on demand—the other, cocaine. Come back five days later and you will find the outcome is always the same: having tasted euphoria, the mouse has starved itself to death.


“Earth to Ale.”
27 March 2018

There’s a voice, and suddenly everything around you comes into focus. You see a hand waving insistently in front of your face.

“You okay? You need some air?”

Flash Fiction Two: Fanfiction
14 March 2018

Content warning: sex
The doctor is kneeling on top of the Tardis. They raise one of their hands; floating through the rings of a gas giant—imagine Saturn but lavender—particles twist around their sixth digit. They remember a quote from a Futurama episode: “The ship stays where it is, and the engine moves the universe around it.”

Crazy Steve Rodgers: I Run Into Bucky in 2014!
14 March 2018

Content warning: violence, panic attack
FURY: Steve you are so good at fighting I’m giving you a promotion. Honestly I was worried about it because you are seriously traumatised and I’m asking you to go into life-threating combat situations but then I decided it will probably be okay.

14 March 2018

— Don’t try so hard to be profound. It’s annoying.
— I’m writing how I feel.
— You were eating a chip when you had your first kiss. Okay. Gross. But the chip is not a symbol, Miranda. You don’t feel it flaccid, lukewarm, lodged at the back of your throat as you speak and especially when you remain silent. A potato is not the patriarchy. Anyway, what is this supposed to be? Is it a poem?

14 March 2018

ephemeral dalliance.
diaphanous gossamer.
caress, tessellate.


Review: Unsane
23 April 2018

Hollywood maverick Steven Soderberg’s Unsane is a dizzying, claustrophobic ride, following Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy) as she becomes admitted to an insane asylum against her will. The movie isn’t particularly about whether she is sane or not, but rather the gradual and unseemly encroachment of her stalker, David Strine (Joshua Leonard). And really, the movie isn’t about the stalker either—it’s about the fact that it was shot entirely on an iPhone.

Review: Isle of Dogs
20 April 2018

Isle of Dogs, like so many of Anderson’s work, leaves you feeling as though you ought to go spend the rest of your day in a bookstore listening to classical music followed by a nice cup of tea. Well at least that’s what I did. I had to keep the perfect illusion alive.

Review: Gurrumul
20 April 2018

Content warning: this review speaks of Aboriginal people who have passed away

I remember hearing Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu live for the first time like it was yesterday, despite it being around ten years ago. He was busking at a market with a few people stopped in front of him, mesmerised. Later, in 2014, I was extremely lucky to hear him again amongst hundreds of other admirers. He’d only sung one verse of a song before my whole family—my mum, dad, grandma, brother and I—started crying in our deck chairs on a grassy hill in the Darwin Amphitheatre. From arguably the most significant voice to come out of Australia thus far, that unique and undeniably powerful performance will be a vivid image in my mind forever. One that, similarly, I highly doubt anyone who has ever seen him perform live will ever forget.

Review: Becky Lucas—Cute Funny Smart Sexy Beautiful
19 April 2018

Becky’s show is like a light-hearted, insightful water-cooler type conversation with the girl that works at your office that shares just a little too much about their sex life.

Grease: The Arena Experience
Review: Grease: The Arena Experience
17 April 2018

It’s raining outside. Stormy even. And, far in the distance, you can almost hear the faint chanting of “Grease lightning”.