Campus News Briefing: Lockheed, Love Letters and Scams
18 July 2018

Welcome to semester two, and welcome to your campus news briefing.

I am Brown Before I am Human
17 July 2018

I am brown before I am human. This is something I’ve learnt to live with staying in Melbourne. It isn’t something I’m okay with. It shouldn’t be, but it is how I adapted to a society that often sees me as an alien.

LSAT, GAMSAT, UMAT: Are They All That?
17 July 2018

LSAT, GAMSAT and UMAT—you’ve probably heard them thrown around in worried sighs by future lawyers and doctors stressing over the tests that will decide their fate. But what are these tests actually measuring, and is their cost justified?

Changing Course: University Mandatory Consent Module Underperforms
17 July 2018

The University of Melbourne introduced Consent Matters, an online sexual consent tutorial mandatory for all incoming undergraduate students, at the start of 2018.

Still in Transition for UMSU International, Five Years Later
17 July 2018

On 1 August, the new University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) International committee will officially begin their term. With Jonas Larsen heading the team as president, they already have ideas for improving the organisation.


For & Against: The Gig Economy
28 May 2018

  IMAGE by David Zeleznikow-Johnston FOR by Andie Moore The gig economy has become the new piñata of regulators and unionists alike. I am not going to pretend it works for everyone or for every profession. However, it is indisputable that gig work suits some people, particularly those least likely to get work. Here is […]

28 May 2018

Ever heard of cheese nightmares? Nup? Well, count yourself lucky.

Overpopulation: Other People’s Problem
28 May 2018

Katie Doherty looks at overpopulation

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ball-Tampering
28 May 2018

Rohan Byrne looks at the physics behind the tactic

Ghosts of Tenants Past
28 May 2018

Alex D. Epstein becomes a vigilante photo-returner


Flash Fiction Five: Ecological Apocalypse
17 July 2018

He felt them inside his hands and legs, inside his chest, even inside his face. He saw them too, sometimes. Nobody else did. Only him. The miniscule worm-like parasites which had taken his body as their new home. He would never have noticed them had it not been for the unbearable itching. They slipped out of his skin to peak into the atmosphere, he felt them crawling on his skin. It would start itching. Nobody would believe him, even when he grabbed one of them and pulled it out (and caused a wound which had still not healed). Every test he underwent, told him he was normal, with nothing wrong with him. It would still itch.

17 July 2018

It was almost summer and it was lighter for longer these days. The dying heat of the day wafted off the asphalt, bringing the evening down to a temperature where one could comfortably go without shoes. Nicholas didn’t have the luxury of a balcony, so instead he sat on his windowsill with his suit pants loosely rolled above his hairy ankles, dangling his sockless feet over the last of the evening traffic below.

17 July 2018

A whisper of a life on a different sea.
Sunken are the relics of who I’m supposed to be.
Displaced wounds and fragmented scrawl.
I grew up too fast and not at all.

A Lifelong Commitment to Self-Efficacy
17 July 2018

My blood came out orange
and I wasn’t scared and it didn’t hurt
so why was the teacher on yard duty telling me it was all going
to be

A Diary of Everyday Magic
17 July 2018

On my scribbled to-do list is the task: “reacquaint myself with magic.” Then an arrow coils past “catch up on W9 lecture” and “finish Part C stats” and connects to “in the world, myself, etc.”


Review: Flood Damages by Eunice Andrada
2 July 2018

Ultimately, as an award-winning poet and lyricist with experience performing her work on the internationally stage, Andrada is no stranger to dissecting and distributing the personal to the audience. Although the book will likely be more poignant for anyone who has gone through similar experiences to Andrada, I would almost encourage you to read the book even more if you have nothing in common with her. Flood Damages is a perfect opportunity to see the world through a different pair of eyes, so you can compare it with, and reflect on your own reality.

Review: Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation
2 July 2018

After an exhaustive experience being the painfully uninterested tag-along to my sister’s shopping spree at both Sephora and Mecca Maxima, Melbourne Central’s pre-release event for Hotel Transylvania 3 was upon us.

What Will People Say: Cultural Conflict and Emotional Weight
2 July 2018

What Will People Say (Hva Vil Folk Si) is a Norwegian coming-of-age drama written and directed by Iram Haq.

Review: Brian Jonestown Massacre @ The Forum
29 June 2018

A distinct sense of unease lingered over the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Melbourne gig on Thursday night.

Carrion by Justin Shoulder –Justin Shoulder – Image by Bryony Jackson
Alien in Our Body: Justin Shoulder’s Carrion
29 June 2018

Encountering Justin Shoulder’s Carrion—the shape-shifting “cybernetic demigod” with limbs made of decaying bones and hair made of Apple headphones—is deeply arresting.