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If you’re pissed off because the new Ghostbusters are women, it’s not because of your loyalty to the original franchise – you just hate women.

We Ain’t Afraid of No Female Ghostbusters

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  • Playing the Field / ICC Cricket World Cup Final In terms of viewership, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the third most popular global sporting event, behind only the Olympics and the all-conquering FIFA World Cup. The 2015 tournament, jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, had an official attendance of over 1 million people. A total of 14 countries competed in 49 matches […]
  • Not So Lucky: Chasing Asylum Review It is provoking and will make you uncomfortable but every Australian should watch Chasing Asylum.
  • Review: Men I picked up Men because the blurb proclaimed it to be an exploration of 'female desire'. I was expecting irony. I was disappointed.
  • Review: Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar Don't get me wrong, I definitely had fun, but an hour at this Dive Bar isn't something I'd recommend to everyone.
  • Gender and Cycling In many places around the world, Australia included, the majority of people on bikes are male. Is this a problem? Alexander Sheko believes so.
  • Review: Willy Wanka Will Reinehr, in the title role of Wanka, stood out with a huge stage presence.
  • Unimelb Marches for LGBTIQ Inclusion In a step forward for inclusion, The University of Melbourne will participate in the Midsumma Pride March for the first time.
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  • Head down to the Farmer's Market for great food, cool tunes provided by @radio_fodder and a copy of Edition Five 👌
  • Semester Two here we go! 
Guess who's back in black? Grab a copy of Edition 5 for winter, trams and death ❄️🚃💀 (We promise it's not all doom and gloom)
  • Hey everyone! We have a stall set up on Concrete Lawns for the Winter Carnival, come say hi between 11am - 3pm today! Also @radio_fodder are playing tunes all day long so come have a listen and a read of Edition 5 😀
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  • I do not like them Sam-I-am, I do not like this censorship and ban. 
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#farragomagazine2016 📸: Taliza Ho
  • Is Kanye Kanye?
Is he really that ridiculous or is it all an act? 
Check out the full article on our website in the link in the bio 😎 📸 by: Carolyn Huane 
  • Ah, winter break. You’re trying to get into that post-exam party vibe but let’s be honest, the Arctic winds are a blowin and all your friends are in Europe – the time is nigh to stay indoors, get creative and submit to Farrago Edition Seven.

It’s easier than you think. Pitch us your idea at farragomedia2016@gmail.com and we will give you a word count. Or simply attach your artwork or writing in an email with a polite “pls publish me” and who knows, you could see your name in the beautiful magazine.
  • King of the Jungle - Maddy McCormack looks at Human Superiority in the Jungle Book. Check out our website for the full article 🐯🐵🐻🐍 📸 by: Reimena Yee

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