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“Without penalty rates, we are being asked to do everything while getting a further kick in the teeth.”

Students face pay cuts: what the recent penalty rate cuts mean for students

On campus
  • Burnt out “These students will be discriminated against because of their circumstances.”
  • Flushed Away Whether you’re a freshly minted first year or in the depths of a PhD, the University of Melbourne’s toilets are spaces where students are able to release their tears, as well as their bowels. The assortment of toilets at the University’s various campuses ensure that wherever you are, the comfort of a cubicle is never […]
  • A national day of factions On the effectiveness of a national day of student protests.
  • Overworked and underpaid The exploitation of student workers could be rife in Union House.
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  • Stand Up For What The Melbourne International Comedy Festival makes the air taste sweeter. The whole city seems to wobble with laughter as summer yawns its way into the colder months. It’s a good belly laugh. One that stretches the rib cage, chisels a six-pack or turns a bad day good. It’s a requisite for all of us in […]
  • Interview: Anne Edmonds When Anne Edmonds first performed stand-up comedy she had a “light-bulb moment,” where the rush of the crowd laughing ignited her passion to make a career out of it. Since she was a student at The University of Melbourne, Anne has featured on TV shows such as Have You Been Paying Attention and Fancy Boy, […]
  • Interview: Sami Shah Sami Shah was the first person in Pakistan to perform a one-hour stand-up comedy show. Incredibly, it was Sami’s first time doing stand-up. “If it had of gone badly, I would never have done it again,” Sami says. We’re all blessed that his Pakistani audience took such a shining to him. A remarkable tale of […]
  • Interview: Susie Youssef Near crippling anxiety isn’t usually a trait many would ascribe to a successful comedian.
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  • I Ate My Twin in the Womb As a child, the highlight of every trip to the Melbourne Aquarium was the ‘oceanarium’ – a 2.2 million litre tank encircling the viewing space. It was a magical experience being immersed in the watery world of its marine inhabitants, with bright coral climbing up the sides, stingrays gliding above and fish of every hue […]
  • Decree 770 CONTENT WARNINGS: ABORTION, MATERNAL DEATH Following the overthrow of Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu, harrowing footage of overflowing state-run institutions for abandoned children shook the world. These frightened and severely neglected children were the product of a society who were forced to live with harsh pro-natalist policies. Romania’s suppression of abortion rights under Nicolae Ceaușescu’s leadership is […]
  • The ShitRedditSays Community CONTENT WARNINGS: SEXUAL ASSAULT, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, They are one of the most hated communities on Reddit and, consequently, the internet. Whenever another Reddit community is banned, users cry out talking of double standards. What’s more, they are frequently compared to these banned communitiess, such as a forum to denigrate the overweight and a hub for […]
  • Music As Protest CONTENT WARNINGS: RACISM, VIOLENCE, SLURS/SWEARING Under overcast Sunday skies in Cleveland, police cars and protesters intermingle in a messy foray. Amongst the chaos, a singular chant rings out in a burning ritualistic reverberation: ‘Nigga, we gon’ be alright / We gon’ be alright.’ Rarely has a social movement generated as much controversy in America as […]
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  • Planet of the Grapes of Wrath Pitch: A man, Beck Stein, journeys through the landscape of The Great Depression only to be kidnapped and taken to a strange planet by large, anthropomorphised grapes. Soon, said grapes put him to work on a farm that produces wine with a mysterious secret ingredient. Along the way, Stein meets Shazza, a magical, sassy, talking […]
  • Life in Parkville 1
  • The Boy In The Marigolds Every painstaking day, it gets a little harder to smother the abhorrent truths in my life. The dining room endures the scraping of plates, night after night, as I prod at the silent void between my parents. Pathetic attempts at small talk end in my father abruptly rising to announce he’ll be out back chopping […]
  • Red and White river deep and long and course and strong it travels down until it no longer does where one loses the will or gains it perspective decides between the poles river or rivers? branching across the surface intertwining in a form of integral, unavoidable dance it’s clear where the river used to flow from here and […]
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  • The Age of Monsters There was a time when giants ruled the Earth. I do not mean the muscular figures of mythology – the ones with the raggedy underwear and tree-sized clubs, facing down pint-sized heroes that carry golden swords. I mean real giants, as tall as your house. Giants who once roamed the land and that afterwards left […]
  • A Sea of Isolation It is cold. The sky is endlessly grey, and light snow falls lazily, catching on the cuffs of my jacket. A few scattered mounds of scuffed ice cling to the pavement. I tuck my chin into my chest, ducking my head against the bitter wind that weaves between the buildings of a restored city. I […]
  • Little Red Scars CONTENT WARNINGS: VIOLENCE, SELF HARM As a child, I remember sneaking into my parents’ storage closet to look at piles and piles of documents and photos. What I didn’t know then was that among all of those forgotten memories sat a family heirloom that held generations of pain and trauma. They were a pair of […]
  • Eating Ourselves Into Extinction It is no secret that we are heading towards an apocalypse that would give even Buffy the Vampire Slayer a run for her money. The 21st century has nine out of the ten warmest recorded years of history. We are well on our way to securing the two degrees Celsius increase in our global temperature. […]
  • Rage against the machine and/or dying of the light...

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  • "From a very young age, I understood the difference between good and bad." Go have a read of this wonderful piece titled The Boy in the Marigolds by Claudia Seers, link in bio. Graphics by Eloyse Mccall. 🌿🌻🌼
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  • "I miss you while sinking, I miss you while undone 
I miss you like roots, aching always for the sun" ☀️
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