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If you’re pissed off because the new Ghostbusters are women, it’s not because of your loyalty to the original franchise – you just hate women.

We Ain’t Afraid of No Female Ghostbusters

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  • ZINES: DIY You want to insert yourself and your soon-to-be-famous creativity and wit into the underground zine culture? Not to worry, Farrago’s got your back with a step-by-step guide.
  • Counsel in Couplets: Exams I’m stuck in a vortex of GOT binges and can’t bring myself to study for what will be my first ever uni exam period
  • Bitch Better Have My Money The trope depicting uni students as broke and living on a shoestring budget is a commonly used one – and eerily accurate, by many accounts.
  • We Need to Talk… To: Melbourne Global Mobility Cc: Arts Faculty, Melbourne Uni Bureaucracy Subject: We need to talk… Dear Melbourne Global Mobility, It hurts me to write this, it really does, but there are things that I need to say to you. You mean too much to me for dishonesty. We’ve had some great times together, but there […]
  • A Response to Daniel Andrews Student Nathan Fioritti goes on Q&A
  • trigger warning Ava K discusses the complex issue of trigger warnings. She has collected a few of the arguments against trigger warnings and explains why they are absolute tripe.
  • In Defense of Shia LeBeouf Shia LaBeouf: more than just a meme.
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  • Head down to the Farmer's Market for great food, cool tunes provided by @radio_fodder and a copy of Edition Five 👌
  • Semester Two here we go! 
Guess who's back in black? Grab a copy of Edition 5 for winter, trams and death ❄️🚃💀 (We promise it's not all doom and gloom)
  • Hey everyone! We have a stall set up on Concrete Lawns for the Winter Carnival, come say hi between 11am - 3pm today! Also @radio_fodder are playing tunes all day long so come have a listen and a read of Edition 5 😀
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  • I do not like them Sam-I-am, I do not like this censorship and ban. 
Full article by Mary Ntalianis on our website 👍
#farragomagazine2016 📸: Taliza Ho
  • Is Kanye Kanye?
Is he really that ridiculous or is it all an act? 
Check out the full article on our website in the link in the bio 😎 📸 by: Carolyn Huane 
  • Ah, winter break. You’re trying to get into that post-exam party vibe but let’s be honest, the Arctic winds are a blowin and all your friends are in Europe – the time is nigh to stay indoors, get creative and submit to Farrago Edition Seven.

It’s easier than you think. Pitch us your idea at farragomedia2016@gmail.com and we will give you a word count. Or simply attach your artwork or writing in an email with a polite “pls publish me” and who knows, you could see your name in the beautiful magazine.
  • King of the Jungle - Maddy McCormack looks at Human Superiority in the Jungle Book. Check out our website for the full article 🐯🐵🐻🐍 📸 by: Reimena Yee
  • “I express myself as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu through my music, my performance on stage, and my music videos... On the other hand, my private life just gives me space, relaxed time with nothing to wrap my head around." Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is coming to Australia! Farrago writer Helena Melton interviews the Queen of J-pop ahead of her tour. Read about her favourite music video, her down time and how she gets her concept inspirations.

Check out our website for the full interview! #farragomagazine2016

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