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  • The Best of Both Worlds I resonated with Hannah Montana because I too was balancing two conflicting polar identities. Miley would always say “I’m Hannah Montana” and in this article, I’m saying “I’m gay and Asian”.
  • Our Zones of Suffering It would be nice to look out at our oceans and know that those glassy blue seas were not the sites of crimes, behind razor wire, perpetrated in our name.
  • Hiding in Paid Sight Picture this: A media ecosystem so rife with corruption that audiences cannot distinguish truth from bias.
  • How Not To Be A Dick This Paralympics Jack Francis Musgrave on the glory of the Paralympics.
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  • "The push for military growth has created lucrative opportunities for the government’s defence contractors. Lockheed Martin, its largest contractor, earned $36.2 billion USD through its work with the Department of Defense in 2015. Now furthering its involvement... Lockheed Martin has plans for a new collaboration with The University of Melbourne". In an Edition Eight sneak peek, Sheri Lohardjo the latest partnership between the University and a military defence company.
  • "The headliner is about to come on. The crowd lurches forward and every person in the mosh is getting pushed forward by the people behind them. Shorter than most of the crowd, I’m just getting shoved to the floor." Read Mary Ntalianis recount her heavy metal escapades, as well as the importance of gender equality at live gigs. 🤘🎸🎤 📸 by Sam Nelson
  • "The lightest brush of a feather against your toes or the approach of wiggling fingers to your armpits can send you into hysterics. And not the fun kind. " 😂😆😄 Check out Thiashya Jayasekera's article on why we laugh when we are tickled, and it's surely not because we find it funny. 📸 by Reimena Ashel Yee
  • "Shaggy carpet grown as long as neglected grass. Blow-up couches inflating and deflating as often as I inhale and exhale. Walls made of fish tanks. Lavish chandeliers dripping with melting gold." 🍃🌾🐠🎇🏰 Have a read of Tawney Bevilacqua's creative piece 'Trash Mansion'. 📸 by Tzeyi Koay
  • "The moment when Studio Ghibli found widespread acclaim and popularity outside of Japan was arguably with the release of Spirited Away in 2001, receiving the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature as well as becoming the highest grossing film in Japanese history." 📽🎞🎉 Read Reilly Sullivan celebrate 30 years of Miyazaki’s productions in 'Ghibli’s Moving Pictures'. 📸 by Tiffany Goh
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  • "It’s important to free the term ‘fangirl’ from the negative connotations that surround it. I stand in defence of all of the tears, laughter and squeals that come with the ‘fangirl’ label."👏💃 Read Monique O'Rafferty recount her crazy fangirling experiences and remind you to do what makes you happy, regardless of the opinions of others. 📸 by Lucy Hunter
  • "You may have noticed a new name popping up on menus across Melbourne. It is usually listed just below the familiar cappuccinos, lattes and long blacks: matcha." 🍵🍵
Read Hania Syed taste this emerging trend in 'Macha Do About Nothing'. 📸 by Carolyn Huane
  • ”In my first year at uni I saw mobs of mimes, gawked at strange wooden statues exhibited on South Lawn and heard whispers of all night scavenger hunts. Unbeknownst to me, all these events were part of Prosh Week." Read Claire Miller explain the annual shenanigans behind Prosh, which will take place this coming week at Uni!
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