A Sex and Dating Guide During COVID-19

With many countries going into lockdown and millions staying home, the coronavirus is definitely the biggest cockblock of 2020. Couples and single folks alike are wondering: “How the hell do I get freaky in a time like this?”.

25 April 2020
Farrago 2020 Edition 1 Cover
The Curtain Calls For You to Think

If I would say one thing about Come From Away, other than that it is worth every minute and dollar, it would be that it highlights that amidst suffocating hate, it is possible to find that lemon-drop of kindness in you.

23 April 2020
OPINION: Observing Australia During the Bushfire Crisis

The last few months in Australia have seen frustration and confusion towards the Australian Government and their response to bushfires among the residents of the country.

23 April 2020
Sex: A Third Culture Kid’s Experience

Every sexual experience that I have had has boiled down to one governing emotion: guilt.

23 April 2020
An Open Letter to Mr Scott Morrison 

Earlier this week, you made a statement that surprised absolutely no one and was completely in line with the moral fibre and integrity of character you’ve displayed time and time again.

4 April 2020
The OTHER Theory of Evolution

In science class we only celebrated successes. But for every scientific superstar there’s a generation of equally intelligent scholars who got it wrong.

23 March 2020

I was 14 when Mum and Dad brought Billie home. 

23 March 2020
PTV Woes

When I landed in Melbourne some ten months ago, a grass-green philistine whose closet contained nary a single tote bag, I did so with high expectations. Among these expectations was that this first-world metropolis would come equipped with a functional, if not flawless, public transport system. 

23 March 2020
Not a teenager, not an adult

Then it hits me: is this how my twenties are supposed to be? A cycle of day drinking before marching through the doors of the Royal Exhibition Building every exam season? I cannot drive. I cannot cook. I have never touched a water bill in my life. Surely this is not how my parents envisioned my adulthood when traversing seas for a better life. 

23 March 2020
Quiet Entitlement: The Problem with Mum and Dad Investors

Australians need to change the way we view buying a house. Since the Menzies era, owning your own home has been integral to the Australian dream. A right afforded to those who worked hard and paid their taxes. Good citizens.

23 March 2020
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