Goddess, Murderess, Virgin, Whore

So, mother, go back to your quarters. Tend to your own tasks…as for giving orders, men will see to that, but I, most of all: hold the reins of power in this house. – Homer, The Odyssey –  Reluctantly, waiting to quit her cubicle there… her taut sex still burning, inflamed with lust, Then she’d […]

23 October 2020
A Non-Exhaustive List of the Very Specific Things I Miss About (the Parkville) Campus

Reader, did campus ever really exist? Or was it some very expensive collective hallucination we all had? After all, it’s been months (weeks? decades? Time is bizarre this year) since I set foot in the place, and my memories of it are becoming ever-hazier.  Kidding aside, I do miss campus. Not its flashier, brashier aspects […]

23 October 2020
Why Bystander Intervention Matters

You would think that our public spaces being almost empty during a pandemic would make them free of harassment. Yet, throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen people from all walks of life experience harassment—from school children to fellow students at the University, people experiencing homelessness to Melbourne city councillors. Harassment is pervasive; however, not everyone is […]

24 September 2020
Deborah Cheetham OAM

Welcome to Canon in She, a column that celebrates women who compose music. This time, I am dedicating the entire column to Deborah Cheetham.

7 September 2020
Florence Price, Delia Derbyshire & Wendy Carlos

Welcome to Canon in She, a column about female composers of Western classical music, and a few major trailblazers in electronic music as well. Today, I present three brilliant women from the 20th century.

14 July 2020
Spilling a Little Tea on the Fast Fashion Industry

So, yesterday, I saw a Facebook post that said, ‘Sis, you still crying over a guy with only four sets of clothes?’.

13 July 2020
A Sex and Dating Guide During COVID-19

With many countries going into lockdown and millions staying home, the coronavirus is definitely the biggest cockblock of 2020. Couples and single folks alike are wondering: “How the hell do I get freaky in a time like this?”.

25 April 2020
Farrago 2020 Edition 1 Cover
The Curtain Calls For You to Think

If I would say one thing about Come From Away, other than that it is worth every minute and dollar, it would be that it highlights that amidst suffocating hate, it is possible to find that lemon-drop of kindness in you.

23 April 2020
OPINION: Observing Australia During the Bushfire Crisis

The last few months in Australia have seen frustration and confusion towards the Australian Government and their response to bushfires among the residents of the country.

23 April 2020
Sex: A Third Culture Kid’s Experience

Every sexual experience that I have had has boiled down to one governing emotion: guilt.

23 April 2020
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