Farrago is the student publication of The University of Melbourne. Founded in 1925, Farrago aims to curate and present a diverse range of voices and ideas to stir discussion throughout the student body. The 2018 editors of Farrago are Ashleigh Barraclough, Esther Le Couteur, Monique O’Rafferty and Jesse Paris-Jourdan.

Our website’s background art is by Rachel Morley.

Farrago is not engaging in external advertising in 2018.

The best way to get in contact with us is usually to email us at editors@farragomagazine.com.

If you need to get in touch with one of us individually, you can do so at these email addresses:
• Ashleigh: ashleigh@farragomagazine.com
• Esther: esther@farragomagazine.com
• Monique: monique@farragomagazine.com
• Jesse: jesse@farragomagazine.com
• Radio Fodder: manager@radiofodder.com
• Farrago Video: video@farragomagazine.com

If it’s within business hours, you can call us on 03 8344 6957.

If email isn’t your thing, you can send us a message on Facebook.

You can also post us stuff via snail mail:
Farrago/Radio Fodder
Fourth floor
Union House
University of Melbourne
Parkville VIC 3010

So you’re interested in getting involved! That’s cool. For a start, join the media collective’s Facebook group.

If you want to submit something you’ve written—like a creative piece or a work of art—you can send it to us at editors@farragomagazine.com.

If you want to write or create something for us, but you’re not sure what, we also write up monthly content lists. You can use those for inspiration. Also, writing opportunities pop up all the time on the media collective’s Facebook group—like, people to interview and stuff to review—which are a great way to dip your toes in if you’re not sure where to start.

Also, come and say hello at one of our regular events. Or just pop into our office and say hi (address above, under “Contact”).

Looking forward to hearing more from you! :)

We want to bring you the best campus news we possibly can, but we need your help to do it. Email tip-offs to editors@farragomagazine.com, and we’ll look into it. Confidentiality will always be upheld.


Farrago is published by the University of Melbourne Student Union and brought to you by your Student Services and Amenities Fee.