Apiary Anxiety

differentiating wasps and bees

22 September 2017

and you find yourself defenceless.

Part Seven: Land Down Under

You know that feeling when you wake up after a really hectic night?

Family Feud?

What we’re proposing is a continuous game of Family Feud with Grant Denyer; one that only ends when Grant Denyer’s sanity does…

Lady of the Night

A lonesome gem born from the stars


the being — nothing but a sign without meaning


cher if u agree


Agatha Christie finally arrives and the most shocking thing is that she isn’t in black and white.

19 September 2017
My Friend Mickey Waldon

Several pickets were missing from the beige-coloured fence. The unruly grass grew in patches, its colour ranging from a deep ivy to a murky yellow. The mailbox was overflowing with about a week’s worth of junk mail. It was a humble, indigent dwelling. This was Mickey’s home. From the late ’50s to the early ’90s, […]

18 September 2017
Part Six: It’s Lit, Fam

“What is that? A barbecue?”

8 September 2017
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