The Firer

Gunther woke up feeling sick.

18 July 2017
Dip In The Pool

shark on the line –

Jerusalem, 1:42 AM

smoky glass army past

Part Five: Fifty Shades of Blue

I clung tightly to a Country Road bag full of onions, engaged in a fierce tug-of-war contest with the now crazed former Prime Minister.

In A House On A Hill

The house perches on old stilts on a sloping, dusty shore.

Three Poems

Begin again and again.

I ventured 8 steps on the road less taken

sometimes you have to cradle it


I could fit a whole pinecone in my chest.

Your Life is Your Bitch

You lecture them that lesson

A Cup of Tea in Nepal

“Would you like to know more about our city?”

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