How to Forget Him

Smash the amulet
that you are so sure
holds his eyes within it

23 April 2020
Losing Grip

John woke up with a grenade in his hand.
That wasn’t the worst of it. His alarm said he was going to be late for work.

23 April 2020
a catcher’s handbook

a love for spearmint, for the burgundy red
                   rhubarb patch

25 March 2020
kitchen ants

They reverberate their
pheromone calls

25 March 2020
gallery of rotten riches

under the withered moon of catastrophe
a strain on the blueberry sky.

25 March 2020
Badass Women

Eleanor pauses in her tracks, sucking in a breath as she turns not to face the man, but the arched windows that line the passage. 
Aquitaine stretches out before her, its beauty incomparable to filthy, cramped Paris.

25 March 2020
Lonely Hearts of the Animal Kingdom

Bonjour, mon amour! I think perhaps you are the muse I’ve been searching for.

25 March 2020
The Cherryman: The Boy from Stormwater

The first child born to a god brought the moon back.

25 March 2020
for joy.

the sky’s sparkling with fractured light
the champagne has bubbled our heads

24 March 2020
I Follow Your Route

A moth in the sink is
Not a broccoli

24 March 2020
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