No Such Thing As An Eaglehawk

Solomon Delaware Daley was born wide-eyed and completely silent.

11 May 2017
My New Friend

Today I bought silver hoop earrings to be like my new friend.

A List of Life Facts That I Learnt

CONTENT WARNINGS: terminal illness, sexual assault mentions of rape.

I did not tell my mother that I would be meeting X (who I met online) and I don’t intend to.

Part Three: Flower Power

Before I could reply there was some sort of battle cry and a horde of figures came running down the plains. They took advantage of our confusion and circled us, pointing sharpened sticks at our flesh.

Horror Films

Naked brains in public cinema.

I Think the Stars are Screaming

I think the stars are screaming honey.

City of Blue

the clouds and the birds float by.

Fruit Gathering

If I was a hunter and you were the moon.


I was the one person who saw the life beyond this house’s tired façade. From my desk, peering into the house next door, it was impossible to miss the flashes of frantic life that streaked past my windowpane.


Alighted on Eucalypt, the evening breeze ruffles his feathers and tussles the rusting wind chime.

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