“Earth to Ale.”

There’s a voice, and suddenly everything around you comes into focus. You see a hand waving insistently in front of your face.

“You okay? You need some air?”

27 March 2018
Flash Fiction Two: Fanfiction

Content warning: sex
The doctor is kneeling on top of the Tardis. They raise one of their hands; floating through the rings of a gas giant—imagine Saturn but lavender—particles twist around their sixth digit. They remember a quote from a Futurama episode: “The ship stays where it is, and the engine moves the universe around it.”

14 March 2018
Crazy Steve Rodgers: I Run Into Bucky in 2014!

Content warning: violence, panic attack
FURY: Steve you are so good at fighting I’m giving you a promotion. Honestly I was worried about it because you are seriously traumatised and I’m asking you to go into life-threating combat situations but then I decided it will probably be okay.

14 March 2018

— Don’t try so hard to be profound. It’s annoying.
— I’m writing how I feel.
— You were eating a chip when you had your first kiss. Okay. Gross. But the chip is not a symbol, Miranda. You don’t feel it flaccid, lukewarm, lodged at the back of your throat as you speak and especially when you remain silent. A potato is not the patriarchy. Anyway, what is this supposed to be? Is it a poem?

14 March 2018

ephemeral dalliance.
diaphanous gossamer.
caress, tessellate.

14 March 2018
In Rainbow

You sit with me
eating mandarins in the field of
sunflowers that hide us,
Spitting pips sucked on
back and forth.

14 March 2018
Poet | Artist

In memory of Kim Jonghyun

The moon is Listerine tonight,
the electric blue and the shock
of that light shooting down my spine
reminds me of you.

14 March 2018
The Dobler-Dahmer Theory

Content warning: violence, gore

what about
the curls abound your head
you liked them, you said
I’ll keep them for you
next to the others too.

13 March 2018
and who would, my king?

I kiss the bruise tender between sleep and poetry;
Slowly, a long sharp tusk of silence
lends itself floating –

13 March 2018

When you were five and I a head taller
we snapped the arms of plastic dolls
in the hopes of making them bend.

13 March 2018
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