Crazy Steve Rodgers Part Two: Bucky and I Are Getting Married!

Everything appears serene until IRON MAN flies through the sky with a loud whoosh! He is distributing fluttering bits of paper from above. The camera pans down to street level, and one of the papers flutters into view. It reads: Wedding of the Century: Bucky Barnes and Captain America in classy italic font.

16 August 2018
McFuck It

“Okay, it’s fine. It’s Macca’s, they won’t question my order…uh, hi. Can I get three-hundred and sixty nuggets?”

16 August 2018
Below the Belt

You haven’t slept in two days because you can’t be bothered going to bed. Walking home at 8am you see things you haven’t seen in a long time: people out for breakfast, old Greek women shuffling to church, parents walking their kids to school, a man in a kebab shop slowly readying a fresh tube of meat. It’s all happening.

16 August 2018
Canterbury Road

Each day I am the gentle road’s uninvited guest.
I give the dirt off the bottom of my shoes in thanks,
And my host lends me its spine to walk.

16 August 2018
I am now here

I am nowhere tiny twitching suns
the air

16 August 2018
The Night Train: Recipe for Sleeping in Motion

Thoroughly stir ingredients in a bowl of spare time at the station,
Saving the addition of reactive liquids until after departure.

16 August 2018

like a pearl-shaped ship on an inky sea
she glides imperceptibly, making headway
without want of lighthouse, for no beacon

16 August 2018
utmost virtue

name winds more surely than children
or virtues of the land
and sea

16 August 2018
Amber Blindfold

I am afraid of the bees. I can’t pass through them. My hair doesn’t coil into antennae and I have no wings; my vertebrae is flat and fearful and all too human. Oh, how they swarm and shiver in golden rivers. Dew drop, dew drop, forbidden fruity sweat.

16 August 2018
shelling pistachios

she wonders. do they sleep
stuck inside out like upturned cockroaches.
leftover crumbs of laughter

16 August 2018
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