Sound Applause

31 March 2005

All I can say is THANK CHRIST it’s a new year! What a relief to read a Farrago with some substance. Last year’s pathetic excuse for a student magazine made me want to retch. The best part about last year’s editions were the blank pages. One of the things I love best about you new editors is that you don’t just pick a subject you like out of your bum and then try to be all philosophical about it like it matters to anyone else…not like those sticking editors last year, lord how they did suck! That editorial (mid 2004) about what had happened to a football team and allegiance to football teams? What a crock of shit! You guys even had a double page spread of office bearer reports…actually information relevant to students…it’s like…a real student magazine…just how they grow in the wild.

Keep up the good work Kim, Clare, Tom and Zoe!

Oh and…if you were thinking about publishing this note (which I’m sure you weren’t because it doesn’t meet the high standards of Farrago 2005) and I accidently fail to conceal my identity, please do the concealin’ for me — I don’t want to get into trouble for bagging the old editors, these are dangerous times and for them to have been able to publish they must have been in positions of power…or have had mummy’s and daddy’s who are.

oh oh and the loopman page in his legal briefs…well pun my friends well pun!

I’m so happy…a new Farrago!

— Anonymous genius

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