Urban Songlines

31 October 2012

nervous hymns
rattled off beneath
pigeon shit pyramids
You’re a visitor here
avoiding the false light
tears through
night dreaming gauze
You’re more than
after party tipsy
You used to be fearless

You won’t take risks
with colour
and noise
Catch yourself
conjuring storms
The charming magician
redundant in tights
Now you tiptoe
Through political minefields
muttering lucid conversation
Against the curb

There was a time
you knew the terrain
by its concrete corners
Vermin by the time of day
the pub opened
and closed
… On dole day
we all got up early
Now the suits
have you clocking in
and clocking up
digital mileage
Spitting out fingerprint free
government correspondence
and every day
you cut yourself

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