What Should I Bring?

31 October 2012

We stand around the barbeque, socialising
paralysed in the underbelly of suburbia
And I notice there are mini-humans everywhere
tiny dribbling beings, skulking on the periphery
guarded by swollen abdomens (harbouring even smaller beings)
But they are slippery and steal away
My partner says maybe we should go
I feel the same but one of them has captured me
I’m dragged into the corner of the yard
now a dark and damp fairy garden
a dragon’s den that eats only full sized people
The mini-me is a she, face sprinkled with crumbs
She looks at me, piercing through my doubts
then pulls on my hand while viciously howling
I tug at my partner’s elbow, push him to the gate
We leave as she watches with sadness.

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