2013 Edition 3 Editorial

31 May 2013

Anyone who had odds on us making a Margaret Thatcher effigy has just received an unlikely windfall. Oh, how a storm of excrement livens things up.

For those mightily confused, this is all due to a controversial motion passed at Students’ Council (pg. 6). The motion is something which we at Farrago see as a series of unfortunate events. A variety of circumstances meant that there were enough people in the room that thought it was a good idea at the time (see pg. 7). It’s important to note that the motion was something that came about after two hours of serious debate about student issues. Don’t get us wrong, we think the motion was immature and crass, but we need to remember the Union ain’t all bad.

What the past two weeks of correspondence with you have taught us is that you’re pissed off. Fair play. What it has also shown is that the rumour mill is an actual thing. Some even thought the celebration of death would be a pool party. Sadly, it was not. This all shows that a lot of students are confused about how the Student Union and elected officials work. That’s totally fine, but as always it’s wise to equip yourself with the facts before starting to rant.

It’s okay to be passionate but it’s not so fine if you’re also going to be uninformed and go hell for leather attacking other people.

Because one dose of flying crap is never enough, the Labor Government also screwed you over and threw a party about it this week. Turn to page 52 to see the cuts to universities the Gillard government is putting in place to fund their Gonski education reforms. Of course, Julia Gillard’s free degrees in Arts and Law haven’t been vital to her future career at all. These cuts will hit you right in the hip pocket, but it’s obvious that fewer students have heard about them in the last week than they have about Baroness Thatcher. Oh, priorities…

Speaking of getting informed, Farrago launches a Science and Technology section this edition. Welcome to the sexy world of reincarnated frogs and wasabi alarm clocks. You didn’t think we’d go all boring lab reports on you, right?

Uni is that time where you should get all that book learnin’ together and use it to see things from as many points of view as possible. If that proves too tricky with Students’ Council, maybe you’ll get more inspiration from our pages of fancy tech knowledge.

Love and science,

Your Eds.


All of the Thanks

Thanks to the mind blowingly talented Michelle Mun for creating our spectacular cover, you have made our magazine so lovely and Einstein-y. Thanks to the comedians who played all the boardgames with us. Thanks to Dustin Hoffman, whose kind face has watched over us all during layout. Finally, thanks to our beautiful contributors who fill our magazine with wonder and words.

And the Apologies…

Once upon a time there was a magazine who misspelled an artist’s name. In the next edition they printed an apology which read “To Tegan IversEn. We will forever remember how to spell your name”. Little did they know this was a blatant lie as the creative title page of the very same issue is captioned “Illustration: TegFan Iversen”. We’re so sorry Tegan. Seriously. Once upon that very same time the magazine left a sub-ed off the sub-ed list, and printed an apology in the next edition. Sadly while we apologised we didn’t actually put you on the list. SIMON FARLEY YOU ARE A SUB AND WE LOVE YOU.

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