UMSU Low and Vile

31 May 2013

Recently UMSU engaged in a low, vile and repugnant act. It celebrated the death of an eighty-seven year old woman. In doing this UMSU forgot the foundation of morality; the basic undeniable dignity inherent in every person. A self-worth that belongs to a person no matter what they do, who thy are or their political views. The loss of which should never be celebrated.

This motion damaged not only the five students who voted in favour, but al who attend the University. It turned a respectable institution into one which lacks the respect of its members and suffers public ridicule because its leaders are unable to function with a basic ethical compass.

My fellow students, by allowing the people who supported this motion to remain in office we tell both ourselves and the outside world that we no longer possess the moral fibre to respect the dignity of human existence. As long as we stay silent the Students’ Council can continue can continue to claim to represent all of us, despite being elected by a mere 8% of the eligible voters.

No matter your views on Thatcher, she was a human being and does not deserve to be denigrated by an institution such as UMSU. This is not political. It’s moral.

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