Clubs Carnival Returns for O-Week

24 February 2016

Many things define the hectic life of a university student – from having too little money to spend, to adjusting to a whole new environment. However, one of the most important aspects of student life is arguably participating in the array of clubs and societies.

At the University of Melbourne, there are over 200 clubs and societies affiliated with UMSU, and 25,000 combined members. These groups have huge diversity in reach, including domains such as spirituality, culture, music and politics to more specific interests like Potter Heads and the Anime and Manga Club.

Thursday 25 and Friday 26 February mark O-Week’s Clubs Carnival – two days where clubs occupy the university’s South Lawn in white stalls. It gives new and returning students the opportunity to sign up for clubs and societies, and in return provides them with discounts, freebies, and the chance to learn what events are in store for 2016.

Most students agree that being a part of a club or society positively impacts on their university experience, whether it is simply attending events or being part of a cause you are passionate about.

For Melbourne University Italian Social Club (MUISC) co-presidents Michael Ricca and Isabella Verrocchi, “serving on a club committee has been one of [their] best experiences…Club life has allowed [them] to make friends, have fun, and truly engage with students across the university.”

What makes them even more grateful for the experience is that the friends made are often like-minded people that they may not have otherwise have met.

University of Melbourne Vegan Club president, Ariana Sar, agrees.

“Being an active member of any club during your time at university is so important,” she said.

“Not only does it help with character building, and socialising, but it also creates such a strong sense of community amongst young people, giving them a voice.”

In addition to creating a platform of expression for youth, club life also enables students to gain experience in a field that may later consider pursuing as a career. It gives students the chance to develop practical skills that apply to the workforce like organising, communicating, and working in a team environment. 

So to all new and returning students, make 2016 the year you get involved! Not only will you have the perks of freebies and cool events, but you will also meet a whole new group of friends that share a common interest or goal.

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