Review: Sam Simmons’ Not a People Person

29 March 2016

Sam Simmons quickly became one of my favourite Australian comedians of all time. Not only is he extremely intelligent but he knows how to construct a spectacular hour of absurdist comedy. Saying that, I am still unsure of how I feel about this show. I laughed heaps and there were definitely moments where I thought he was a comedic genius but I also left feeling a bit down. In between his classic bits that utilise voiceover he would yell at the audience, telling us that we “didn’t get it” and that we were a bad crowd. I still can’t work out if this was him riffing or if it was in fact a part of the show but I’m going to continue as if it was all scripted.

After particularly weird moments, Simmons would proclaim “this is the whole show! It’s just about birds!” which would get a huge response. If I were to put my English teacher hat on, I would say that this show is an exploration into what it’s like being a comedian. You work hard on bits, do stuff and say stuff that is hilarious just to end up performing to an apathetic audience. Maybe Simmons wanted to tell the world that just because he’s hugely successful, doesn’t mean that he will always do stuff that we like. He’s the type of guy who works to the beat of his own drum and that’s what makes him so special.

In the end, the show was entertaining and funny. I had a smile on my face the whole time so if you’re a fan of absurd comedy, then I would recommend this show. Just be prepared to be caught off guard.

Sam SimmonsNot a People Person is on until 3 April at the Forum Theatre and the Arts Centre.

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