Review: Wil Anderson’s Fire at Wil

29 March 2016

Stop applauding, this is not a TED Talk, there are jokes coming.

Wil Anderson has returned to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his new show Fire At Wil, proving his reputation as one of Australia’s brightest comedians.

Despite being his 21st consecutive year appearing at the festival, the seasoned comedian does not appear to be slowing down, with his quick wit out in full force.

After a few years touring his shows around the US, he takes full advantage of the fact the audiences this year will be solely Australian.

Anderson is as his strongest when examining our unique culture. Hailing from a background in journalism, his strength lies in his ability to critically analyse issues, while being self-aware that his position in society is not that of a politician, and has no real power.

It is a credit to the force of his comedy that a 70-minute show seems effortless, as he races through an assortment of topics from the demise of Tony Abbott (and how that ruined his career) to Australia’s infatuation with public holidays.

Anderson has the audience, which is filled with a diverse mixture of demographics and ages, in illimitable laughter and applause, even as the jokes turn to less traditional comedic discussion points such as Australia’s refugee policies and last year’s Adam Goodes controversy. 

Those topics in a lesser comedian’s hands could come across as preachy or insensitive, however, the comedy veteran has done his research and knows what he is talking about, while also not being afraid to acknowledge his own weaknesses or bias.

The comedy offered by Wil Anderson feels more like a conversation with one of your smartest friends and will only leave you wanting more.

You can catch the show at Comedy Theatre until 17 of April.

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