Review: Anne Edmonds

4 April 2016

Anne Edmonds is my idol and one true love. I saw her for the first time three years ago and I have been obsessed with her ever since. Not only is she smart and funny, she has immense stage presence and a personality that you will immediately fall in love with. Watching her is such a good lesson in how to be a comedian. She never waffles or wastes words and she knows how to work a room like no one’s business.

Growing up, all of my comedy inspirations were men. It wasn’t until I discovered Tina Fey that I began to recognise the comedic power that women harness and Anne Edmonds definitely has that power. I am so happy to think that young girls have her as a role model.

She’s got such a unique comedy voice that I honestly feel honoured to be allowed into her world. A superb mix of Australian-centric jokes and breaking of taboos. Her running gag throughout the piece is how she wants people to love her and she sure makes us fall in love.

I have nothing bad to say about her at all. She won the comedian’s choice award last year and she is and was more than deserving of the title.

Anne Edmonds’ That’s Eddotainment is running the whole festival at the Town Hall.

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