Review: Go get Mum

5 April 2016

As a child, hearing the words “Go get Mum” would usually mean the fun was over. Someone was upset, something was broken and it was up to Mum to fix it. The comedy show of the same name takes this idea as a jumping off point for looking back on childhood and growing up in Australia, picking out anecdotes from performers Jacob Sacher and Luke Picone’s respective upbringings. Or at least that’s what I thought the premise of Go Get Mum was when listening to the show’s preamble. One that Luke assured the audience was the longest of any show at this year’s comedy festival. Like the claim the show was being sponsored by a multi-national toothpaste company, I’m sceptical the claim about the preamble, or that the show actually had a theme, were also true.

Thematic consistency wasn’t really important to Go Get Mum, it would be almost impossible with material ranging from growing up in a country town where a fire brigades’ false alarm makes the front page, to existential pondering on what bananas think about when they’re hanging out together.

Split roughly between Jacob and Luke performing individually, Go Get Mum was consistently funny and thoroughly enjoyable. Luke’s sections told of his considerable fame as the son of the owner of one of the four shops in town (if you piss off his dad, you go hungry), while Jacob illuminated the Jewish Australian experience, including something about bodily hair as a cultural signifier and why it pays to be able to speak Hebrew when at a Jewish barber. These revelations were of course punctuated with contractually obligated product messages from the show’s ‘Major sponsor’ Oral B, the highlight being a brief yet sweet musical number titled ‘Human or Banana’ that somehow related to dental floss.

A great show, Luke and Jacob are surely ones to keep an eye out for in the future.

Go Get Mum has finished, but you can catch Jacob performing every Wednesday 1-2pm as part of Rowdy Comedy in the Rowden White library.

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