Let’s Go To The Beach

1 May 2016

Sarah Bruggs, 18, reveals that she was sitting in her first year Spanish class when she suddenly realised that the only topic her class had covered this semester was ‘the beach’.

“I turned to my classmate to ask ‘¿Has estado a la playa esta semana?’ and it just suddenly dawned on me.”

At first Sarah thought that it couldn’t be true – surely, she must have been mistaken. She confirms reports that she rushed home directly after that class.

“I just had to check the course outline,” she tells Farrago. Upon reviewing the aforementioned course outline, Sarah discloses that her suspicions had been confirmed.

“There it was in front of me. Weeks 1-12 and the only topic studied: the beach. Present tense: the beach. Present perfect tense: the beach. Past tense: the beach.”

While Sarah does admit that in one class they were asked to talk about their favourite food, a lot of students are reported to have chosen eating fish and chips at the beach as their answer.


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