New UMSU President

16 May 2016

Following the UMSU Students’ Council meeting in late April, Tyson Holloway-­Clarke has been elected as the temporary President of the University of Melbourne Student Union. His appointment was unanimous and cross­factional, and follows the resignation of James Baker on 23 March this year.

Holloway­Clarke will most likely be in office until the general elections in September of this year. In his self­submitted nomination, he revealed his nomination had been “supported and championed” by his peers in the Indigenous collective.

Holloway­Clarke stated that his election would lead to a “stronger union” stressing the importance of unity during this time of political uncertainty, underpinned by issues such as the reshaping of academic programming and the indefinite future of Union House.

“Our potential to serve the students of this University has been stymied but it is my firm belief that we can work together to reignite our drive and lead students,” he said.

Speaking after his election, he said he believes a successful term will be indicated by “a good SSAF deal, sustainable business practices and world class facilities”.UMSU received legal advice recommending a by­election in Semester One. Calling a by-election however would warrant insufficient notice because the legal advice was received late. The Student Union is looking into having law professionals on retainer should similar situations arise.

Holloway­Clarke acknowledged an election would have been a “preferable democratic solution”. During the council meeting, there was strong support for the notion that an election would have been a more desirable outcome in order to maintain accountability within Students’ Council.

Holloway ­Clarke said that he would be leaving his role as Indigenous Officer should his nomination be successful. He is also certain he would be leaving his role as Indigenous Officer in capable hands of a team that are “capable of achieving excellence.” Holloway­-Clarke thanked Acting President James Bashford for taking on both roles during the casual vacancy, and the entire UMSU team for “stepping up”.

As he steps into his new role, Co­Indigenous Officer Emily James will be the sole Indigenous Office Bearer.

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