Graduating from Goon

9 June 2016

In the words of Tyrion Lannister, “everything’s better with some wine in the belly”. Winter and exams are coming so what a better way to warm your soul with some red red wiiine , or white wine if you prefer. It is believed that wine can help improve memory so make a glass of wine your new study buddy. Put away your Fruity Lexia and refine your palate with something a bit more exciting.

When you’re sitting in front of a fire catching up on a whole semester worth of readings

Grenache is a type of red wine which originated in Spain but is one of the most widely planted red wine varieties in the whole world. If you think Shiraz is too tannic (that typic red wine flavour) and Pinot Noir isn’t flavourful enough, the delicious cinnamon and berry flavours of Grenache are sure to be a hit amongst wine wankers and those just graduating from goon. Another reason to love Grenache is for its reasonably high alcohol content, on average above 12 per cent, so you can feel classy at pres before heading out instead of studying! It is a misconception that only old men can have wine cellars, but in fact the reason this is a stereotype is because they’re very savvy. If you find a wine you like, buy it in a case of six so you can save yourself at least $1 per bottle. You can put your savings towards your coffee budget or buying more wine! Grenache goes great with hearty meat dishes or even spicy Indian food but it is just as good as a beverage amongst good company.

When you want spirits but you also want wine

For those who prefer white wine or have a sweet tooth, venture into the dessert wine section of your local bottle shop and keep your eye out for Muscat. Not to be confused with the sparking wine Moscato, Muscat is an exciting fortified wine. Yet just because it is a fortified wine, doesn’t mean that the only place it belongs is in the back of your grandma’s cupboard. Once you taste this sweet liquor you’ll never want to drink anything else. Fortified wines are often drunk at the end of a big meal and Muscat is a great partner to rich chocolate deserts or even powerful blue cheeses. Keep an eye out for Muscat from the Australian wine region Rutherglen as the hot climate is perfectly suited to ripening the grapes.

When you want raspberry lemonade but you also want wine

Moscato is a stereotypically girly sparkling white wine but guys can have it too. Drake mentioned Moscato in his 2009 ‘Do It Now’: “It’s a celebration — clap clap bravo. Lobster and shrimp and a glass of moscato”. Drinking Moscato really is a celebration, with flavours of orange, nectarine and peach it is a perfect after dinner treat, or it pairs really well with seafood and spicy food. It is easy to love and drink Moscato, and it’s very low alcohol content of around 10 per cent makes it a great alternative to drinking Champagne which can often be upwards of 12 per cent and goes straight to your head. Champagne has actually proven to make you drunk more quickly, and although they don’t know why it may have something to do with the carbon dioxide encouraging alcohol absorbing in the body.

When you’re sick of looking at photos from your friend’s trip to Greece 

You’ve probably never heard of Greece being an influential wine region but if you like the sound of a flavour profile of lychees, rose petals and lemon flower then you might have to try Moschofilero. The actual Moschofilero grapes are a dark purple-greyish, yet the resulting wine is a white wine; you can call it “blanc de gris” if you really want to sound like you know wine. This crisp and clean white wine can be drunk on its own while you sit in bed stalking your friend’s picture perfect holiday in Greece, or at a big dinner with your remaining group of friends who are left in Melbourne. You can buy this variety from Dan Murphy’s but only through their “connections” section of their website as they don’t stock the product in store but instead send it directly to you from the supplier. 

These are by no means the world’s greatest wine varieties, and as much as I like to think I am a wine expert, I am not. I have though almost completed the entire Wine Breadth track over my time at uni, and you can read my review of Australia in the Wine world here.

Image credit: Jeff Kubina via Flickr

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