Night Monsters

19 July 2016

I clock off and leave work

at 4:00 am on the dot,

and the night monsters wait outside,

crouched in each usual spot


They group in twos or threes

and one is lurking on his own,

as I scurry down the street,

my body eager to be home


The night monsters sneak and prowl,

they perform the same old dance,

“Hey darlin’ where you goin’?”

and I know I don’t stand a chance


They crawl from their nooks and lairs,

feast time has begun,

baring their grins and fangs,

as my walk turns to a run


My shadow racing beside me,

my only protector here,

the night monsters gather closer,

and begin their infernal cheer


The candle-stars have all blown out,

street lights flicker along the park

“what’s a girl like you doing out here,

so late into the dark?”


The city is dull and quiet,

too late for trams, too early for sun,

the night gargoyles snarl and slink,

they’re loose from Notre Dame


I hear their nightmare howls,

I see their gargoyle wings,

I smell the stagnate liquor,

Am I in their church? Is this their hymn?


As I approach my building, my saviour

keys gripped tight in hand,

the night monsters begin to disperse

my flesh they no longer demand


My limbs ache and screech,

awaiting some form of rest,

my bed begins to consume me,

I’ve passed another nighttime test


As my body becomes still,

one thought still plagues my mind,

tomorrow’s shift is nearing,

during night monster hunting time.


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