Racist posters discovered on campus

5 December 2016

Numerous racist posters were found plastered throughout the University of Melbourne’s Parkville campus over the weekend.

The posters contained racial slurs as well as the image of a swastika. A slogan at the bottom of the posters read, ‘Keep Australia White!’ along with other explicit, anti-diversity sentiments.

Whilst the individuals responsible for the posters have not been identified, they have been linked to extremist neo-Nazi group, the Antipodean Resistance. The group refers to itself as a nationalist youth organisation, striving to promote fascism in Australia.

Although quickly removed from the campus, widespread attention was drawn to the posters when lecturer Nick Rose posted a photo of one of the posters to his Facebook page. Since then it has been shared over a 1000 times.

“Whoever thinks fascism and right-wing extremism is not on the rise in Australia is kidding themselves. This filth is plastered all over Melb uni [sic] today. Feeling sick and angry”, his post read.

The Victorian Police have been informed of the posters due to their violent nature.

The University of Melbourne Student Union People of Colour Department has strongly condemned the posters.

“Obviously we are shocked and disappointed”, Office Bearer Ella Shi said.

“Students should feel not only safe, but that they belong to the University community.”

The People of Colour Department was inaugurated this year in an attempt to create a more representative student union. Along with co-Office Bearer, Hannan Al Daqqa, Shi aims to combat racism on campus.

“We will be engaging in campaigns against racism, running events to prompt dialogue, provide support for students who’ve experienced racism and create avenues for reporting and speaking out against racist incidents on campus”, Shi said.

In response, students have visited the locations where the racist posters were put on display, outside Old Engineering and John Medley buildings, posting messages that read ‘Love Trumps Hate’.

Shi places an emphasis on the importance of community support at this time.

“Combating racism is everyone’s responsibility. Talk to your family, friends and acquaintances and explain why behaviour like this is not okay. Speak up for those who can’t”.

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