No Secrets In This Reign

1 March 2017

There are no secrets in this reign
No strength where there is power
No corners for the stowaway
In wet tunnels circling a flower

A flower alongside trees in my eyes
Which wept their last tears when mine had all dried
They fought to keep the desert from coming
Like a slippery dream, you’re eternally running

We will meet: He, She, and the Hour
After an eternity, at the feet of the flower
When time is all gone and all is now spent
The reign over all, has come silent and went

My veins have been trampled
My eyes bleeding blue
After eternity, will you find me?
Will you take me with you?

And pray these roots send their shoots to the sky
Where a little blue angel dreams of spring and cries
For spring yellow is lighter than lost evening green
Deep in the garden under a whispering stream

Oh, what of the field
That we have all now forgotten?
Am I the only one to remember
The sweet and the rotten?
The bitterness and clarity
That left nothing the same
The heartache I knew
Was one I chose to reclaim

I miss you like lonely roots forced to grow deeper
Into the earth, darkness their only speaker
I miss you while sinking, I miss you while undone
I miss you like roots, aching always for the sun
There are no secrets in this reign
But the reign was always faulted
The power is still skewed
For the king never revolted

Did the king even know
Of the kingdom he let dry?
To the mercy of the desert
To the fingers of the sky

Tiny hands reaching, no smaller they could be
For if any smaller, no longer them we’d see
Tiny hands grow, their vines snaking up the green
They grow and they tug at the weaker parts of me

Even smaller, my planet, clouded only in blue
My kingdom there rings, with a goldening hue
Once you did visit, and brought gifts of your crown
We knelt at the ankles, surrendered and drowned

And the little green hands, pulled us out of the murky
Seaweed and yellow eyes, gleaming ever so chirpy
We rose still dripping, not one shiver escaped
Laced white and transcendent, in shared sparkling cape

We rose and began spinning
As we dried in the sun
And the roots turned their eyes
Watching glory as it spun

The roots, they all sighed
And their aching, they harnessed
As they each grew a flower
Underground in the darkness.

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