Interview: Anne Edmonds

27 March 2017

When Anne Edmonds first performed stand-up comedy she had a “light-bulb moment,” where the rush of the crowd laughing ignited her passion to make a career out of it.

Since she was a student at The University of Melbourne, Anne has featured on TV shows such as Have You Been Paying Attention and Fancy Boy, as well as being nominated for the prestigious Barry Award for Best Show at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Anne is down to earth, and inspires with her relatable humour- examining every day events that mere mortals skim over.

Anne’s show at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival- No Offence. None Taken, is a completely new hour of material. Her distinctive accent, a mixture of her days living in Darwin and Melbourne, come together with impeccable symmetry to manifest near-perfect punch lines.  The show features weird occurrences that have followed Anne throughout her life, the ups and downs of her 20s before she became a comedian at the age of 28.

Anne is a yarn teller who deserves a spot at any campfire in the country, and is a go-to at this year’s comedy festival.

Anne Edmonds will perform ‘No Offence, None Taken’ from March 30 to April 23. Tickets can be purchased at

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