Review: Best Before Breakfast

5 April 2017

Jacob Sacher’s and Jack Mcgorlick’s Best Before Breakfast is the kind of show that makes the Comedy Festival fun.

Although pitched to an initially wary audience as (surprise, surprise) an anti-breakfast polemic, the show quickly becomes an excursion into the inexhaustible enthusiasm that these two comics share. Jacob and Jack practically dance around the stage as they flit between stand up and sketch comedy and it’s a lot of fun to watch them do it. Paradoxically, as the two become more hysterical, the audience becomes more relaxed – there’s no fourth wall here. These two immediately open up to you (in admittedly bizarre fashion) and the laughs come not just from their material but also from the honesty with which it’s performed. At one point, coaxed by the audience, Jacob admits that, despite his (admittedly bizarre) problems with the film, he hasn’t actually seen Stuart Little. But the way he admits it, with the grin of someone who doesn’t give a damn, makes the audience laugh regardless. These two know their stuff and it shows, even as it blurs the line between carefully rehearsed material and improvised madness. It’s silly, it’s fun and it features the best impersonation of a bird impersonating Robin Williams impersonating Mrs. Doubtfire*.

Check it out.

Best Before Breakfast runs until the 8th of April. Buy tickets here

*journalism is not dead, apparently.

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