Review – Becky Lucas: Little Bitch

8 April 2017

The first time I saw self-confessed “weird kid” Becky Lucas perform, she joked about pashing her mum as a youngster to a humble little audience at Sydney’s own Comedy Store. Now as one of Australian comedy’s freshest faces, she hits the big stage at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), blurring lines between comedy and oversharing, with her new show Little Bitch, and part of me is really fucking proud.

Every seat in the Acacia Room in the Victoria Hotel had a bum on it, and although admitting to not knowing how to open a show, Lucas endeared us with her personable character and easily had her audience in fits of laughter for a full hour.

Lucas herself was youthful, in look, voice and attitude, giving her humour an interesting and fresh perspective, compared to perhaps, the well-established but somewhat jaded MICF regulars. She introduced herself as an excessive crier and confessed her tendency to drunk text guys, and more recently, Facebook message women she admired (to which she was always “seen-ed”). In terms of where the title of her show came from, Lucas explained “I can be such a Little Bitch that my mum thought it was thyroid disease that could be diagnosed by a doctor.”

With a knack for making us laugh at life’s awkward moments, Lucas (over)shared the perks of share house living and being walked in on having sex while wearing a backpack. Her humour strayed into sexual and slightly crude territory at times, but she did not rely on it for a cheap laugh. In fact, her whimsical delivery and witty punchlines alone were hilarious enough. The relatable anecdotes continued with identifying the ‘Jacinta’ in every friendship circle (uptight, no top lip, control freak…you know the one), as well as shining light on the one friend who should have died from alcohol poisoning two years ago at a music festival, but now miraculously has their life together. She also deserves mad props for shutting down well-meaning, but unnecessary hecklers in the crowd. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing a smart Aleck being put in their place?

She wrapped things up by prompting us to go see all the other acts that she’d forgotten the names of, but promised they were worth the bucks. Overall, I was very impressed with her ability to spin life’s cringe-worthy moments into tasteful humour and definitely recommend it as show worth getting around.


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