The Night Market

19 April 2017

From a student-run Haunted House to camel rides, UMSU International’s annual Night Markets attracts a popular following with students with well over 7000 attending every year. The 2017 Night Market saw 19 clubs and societies prepare stalls that offered food, games and drawing as well as performances from dance ensembles to dynamic duo teams.

The theme for this year’s Night market was “Ancient Egyptian”. One of the most peculiar additions to the 2017 market was the opportunity to ride camels. The lines would stretch to inside Union House and the smell was putrid but it created a buzz not seen in previous Night Markets.

It wasn’t just camels that were the stars of the show. There was a Photo Booth for people to look silly in as well as Henna drawings and calligraphy. Meanwhile, clubs and societies would try to haggle attendees through creative ways with food, costumes and games. One club, Habitat for Humanity, had a committee member wear a makeshift mummy costume out of the classic material of toilet paper whilst the Japanese club donned colourful outfits from kimonos to Pikachu onesies.

One could not forget about the food in a night market. There were dutch pancakes, skewers, popcorn, desserts and an assorted range of cultural/traditional foods that satisfied even the most avid sausage sizzle hunter.

Then there was the centrepiece Haunted House run by students inside the Union Lounge.


The night market also had live performances from a range of artists and dancers.

For a night market run by students, you’d forget you’re on campus. The organising committees from UMSU International, and the students transcended their daily lives to offer something to everyone. The Night Market was a good way to end a tedious mid semester. All eyes are now on UMSU International’s next big event, the Festival of Nations.

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