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How To: Spice Up Your iPhone

9 August 2017

As uni students, we are all guilty of using social media for procrastination and scrolling through our news feeds to avoid listening to the monotone drone of lecturers. Another way to avoid life’s responsibilities is by trying out different apps. No, I’m not going to tell you to download my.unimelb – you can’t even check your emails or go on the LMS. And I’m certainly not going to tell you download study apps, that’s just unrealistic. Not only will these apps spice up your iPhone, you might even find some of them useful… maybe.

There are a wide variety of apps you can use to schedule your social media posts. Not only will you never miss peak upload time again, you will be raking in the likes. Latergram allows you to schedule your Instagram posts in advance, meaning you have no excuse for your account – filled with #35mm film shots I’m sure – to be anything but flawless. Before you know it, you will have an #aesthetic timeline that will ensure you become Instafamous.

Recipes by Ingredients
Ever opened your fridge, taken one look inside and thought, ‘What am I going to make with bread, broccoli and a can of coke?’ Recipes by Ingredients allows you to enter the food, or lack thereof, that you have in your house and gives you a bunch of recipes to choose from which use those ingredients. Who actually has time to plan out meals in advance and make tedious shopping lists anyway? With this app you’ll be a Masterchef in no time, or at least you can pretend to be.

My Day
My Day allows you to track important events in your life by counting down the days, hours and minutes till they arrive. Countdown apps are a great way to organise your life and make sure you remember all of your assessments and exams. Alternatively, you could put all of the gigs and parties you are going to be attending as something to look forward to. Once the event happens, it counts away from the event as well, which can be a constant reminder of how much fun you were having when you weren’t studying.

Digital Abacus
A fun way to shake up your study routine is to resort back to old forms of technology such as typewriters and abacuses. Abacus allows you to calculate your weekly spend, your math homework and all the money you are wasting on UberEATS. It may slow you down but it can sure be fun.

Places I’ve Pooped
Ever wanted to track all of the places you’ve dropped a load off? Places I’ve Pooped lets you do exactly that. You select your location, press ‘bombs away’, and before you know it you have a wonderful map of loo locations. Plus, if you are ever out and about and feel that all too familiar urge, you can just log in and check out the closest toilet options. You can even leave your thoughts on each location, so you know what worked for you, and what certainly didn’t.

You are now armed with all of the distractions you need to successfully procrastinate through all of your looming assessments. You can decide whether these apps are motivating and useful or pointless and time-wasting.  Just remember to have fun, stay safe and don’t get caught (tracking your poops).







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