Stand Up! takes back UMSU

8 September 2017

Stand Up!’s Desiree Cai has taken out the UMSU (University of Melbourne Student Union) presidency, defeating More!’s Lizzie Nicholson.

Declaration was made at 10:41pm. On primary votes alone, Cai received 1518 votes to Nicholson’s 1336. Preferences are still being counted.

It took two preference distributions for Stand Up! to reach majority.

The victory comes in contrast to last year’s election, in which More! took control of the Union by a landslide.

More!’s Alston Chu gave a concession speech at approximately 9:20pm to More! campaigners.

“It’s not looking like an election won. It’s looking like a year Stand Up! got really fucking lucky,” he said.

In a largely uncontroversial election week, Stand Up! campaigned as a progressive, left-wing ticket. The ticket has promised to create an “accessible, inclusive and diverse” union and believes in “active and passionate student activism and representation.”

Other election promises included establishing a support service for Centrelink-related inquiries such as housing and rental rights, campaigning for concession cards for all students and more 24-hour study spaces.

Votes for other positions will continue to be counted over the weekend.  More updates to come.

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