22 September 2017

Listen to Esther read ‘Cher’

i believe in life after love. cher if u agree

it was a tussle to get here, fringing on an indigo denim jacket
that stained some white t shirts
but there must be more a deepening
not quickening or that electrolysis autotune
all my chin hairs are gone

it could only be you ripped cruelly
like a child in the night the leggings
more to life than a linen smock and some tote bags
the meanjin quarterly on my desk
the nails coming out there has to be paint and jewels
not facelifts no chad murray or chaz bono
but moisturiser made out of your own blood and plasma
skin that pulls across mounds
teletubby hills erupting

youre the blue one the jewel
the sapphire with enough blue that i can look
liz taylors eye with an instagram filter
the movement of hair across a bee stung upper lip
big noses and youre no miss baltimore crabs no a trip
to the doctors office and the paint is peeling rotting and theres u
youre not so vain
youre not so paranoid the girth of it astounds me
spacing time in my head
all you need is a phone and it’s yours

this now its made of sheep fetus stem cells
i kiss ur cheek and theres nothing at all
so i let my lips graze the black strand between ur teeth

sit on me in the beanbag, all 92 years of rasping at strangers. hook our noses like braces
and let me go to sleep

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