22 September 2017

Every year, Prosh commands much attention within the University.

It markets itself as an event in which students can be “creative, athletic, adventurous, nude, hilarious, drunk, sleepy, slippery, delirious, silly, inventive and so much more”.

This year, Prosh was predictably filled with shenanigans that were, at times, hard for the general student population to get their heads around.

From swimming down the South Lawn Moat to elaborate scavenger hunts across Victoria, it forged alcohol-infused bonds, despite the cold rainy nights in Melbourne.

The event has seen its fair share of controversy, yet, it remains popular as ever, with over 20 teams participating in the event
this year.

So why do people keep coming back to the largest student run event on campus, especialy when student participation across other events is at an all time low?

One answer is friendship, and the opportunity to step out of one’s comfort zone.

Second year Science student, Michael Williams, participated in Prosh for the first time this year.

“Everyone was friendly. It’s the people and activities that make me come back. It’s only once a year that you can do scavenger hunts and drinking games all over uni,” he said.

First year student, Alex McFadden, commended the behind the scenes work behind Prosh.

“I was amazed that the judges had organised so much,” she said.

The second explanation could be a gradual evolution of the event to better suit participants today, whilst retaining the ‘tradition’ of previous years.

Judge Green, one of the faces of Prosh, believes that Prosh should hold onto its zaniness.

“What is essential [is that] the core events remain the same, but there’s a shakeup to the minor ones,” Green said.

This year, organisers made multiple changes to ensure participants had a fun and safe time.

There was a requirement for first-aid trained teams during events, and better incident reporting mechanisms.

These included increased confidentiality in these procedures, and improved communication.

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