22 September 2017

Listen to Esther read ‘Radio’

Breathe in I couldn’t love youmoreif
timewas runn ing out alright I looke into its eyes the way
you see a mirror in sunlight and there’s nothing but

the being — nothing but a sign without meaning

I don’t think we’re meant to understand each other but you need
to relax.
The dishwasher digests while we’re on the phone.

I, II I don’t know. you left it out on the end on the bendch on the bend it rots
Sugar, what sugar to scrub off the salt scab, your life is the spinning that says
when to stop
microwaving &
look a around. To say not now but later canwe talk

can you say that and the same of the cutlery in the drawer that needs banging
An unfixed mat that is to say a hazard the colour of a heart – aerial valves

You pump the air with your fist like a glove
thrown down and piping petrol in wounds. You hang up
and I watch a cat in my mind lick the armpits of your shirts and feel
jealous while a small possum watches me through the window growling leaning
on the kitchen table don’t put your head in your fingers

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