Fishermans Bend

New Campus for Engineering Students

14 February 2018

The University will be constructing a new campus for the Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) at Fishermans Bend, on seven hectares of land purchased from the Victorian Government. This is part of a $1 billion commitment to create a world-leading engineering school in a key urban renewal precinct near the city.

The new campus will enable the University to build large-scale research facilities and increase the intake of engineering students, both of which the existing Parkville campus cannot currently accommodate.

MSE Dean Professor Iven Mareels said the new campus will be highly beneficial for future students.

“The Fishermans Bend campus will initially enable 1,000 engineering and IT students and academics to collaborate with world-leading local and international companies across industrial sectors as diverse as transport, energy, food, mining, infrastructure and water.”

The campus is expected to be completed in the early 2020s and will provide access to innovations such as autonomous vehicle testing and smart-grid technologies.

University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Professor Glyn Davis said this is only the beginning.

“The University will be a catalyst for new collaborations and investments … The new campus will give our researchers and students opportunities to work alongside the industry, and pursue rich careers right here in Australia.”

Current access to Fishermans Bend, located five kilometres from the city, relies heavily on car travel. The Victorian Government’s Integrated Transport Plan aims to diversify this accessibility with a direct train and tram line. However, a formal completion date is not yet confirmed.’

Connor Wright, a third-year chemical systems student, believes the lack of convenient access could become a major consideration for prospective students.

“What about breadth subjects? Would we have to split our time between multiple campuses? If students have to look for a place to live that is accessible to both Fishermans Bend as well as, say, the Parkville campus, our options are really limited. It’s not like access to Fishermans Bend from the city is easy, and a lot of people study at Melbourne for the total experience.”

This increased partnership between the University and industry seeks to motivate outstanding graduates and professionals to come to and remain in Victoria. The Fishermans Bend campus is an integral part of the University’s MSE 2025 strategy, which is expected to provide an $8 billion boost to Victoria’s economy and generate over 15,000 new jobs by 2035.

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