Band & Bevs: BABBA

5 March 2018

ABBA was the Swedish pop foursome that enchanted the world and changed the music game forever. BABBA are the Australian tribute group that recreate that magic for a generation for whom the songs of ABBA still hold a strong place in our hearts and playlists.

On Tuesday at 1 o’clock Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frida will be gracing North Court outside of Union house to dazzle Melbourne University with their strikingly accurate renditions of ABBA’s classic hits, for the fourth year in a row. BABBA was born in 1994, in a battle of the bands competition in a Fitzroy pub, and have been playing for twice as long as the original foursome. The group recently passed the 3000 gig mark, a whopping feat for a group of Melbournians with a passion for 70s pop.

Melbourne University alumnus Michael Ingvarson has played the role of Benny for the past 22 years, after studying music and drama at this university. “People often ask if we ever tire of playing the same music. We don’t, and the reason is that these are well-crafted songs with lovely melodies…” he told the Melbourne University magazine, 3010.

The band have played to 45,000 at Etihad stadium, are a regular feature at the Melbourne Zoo twilight concerts, and have toured extensively within Australia and overseas over the past 20 years. At this point, the group may eventually warrant its own tribute band.

This show, full of humour, dazzling costumes, and impressive Swedish accents, transports you right back to the 70s (even if you didn’t live through them). Over 30 years after ABBA’s final performance, we’re still enthralled by the beautiful music of the Swedish foursome: and when BABBA takes the stage, prepare to be Bjorn again.

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