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Campus News Briefing: Batman, Pubs, Refugees

8 March 2018

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Graduate Student Association proposes major governance reforms 
The Graduate Student Association (GSA) has unveiled plans to introduce a professional board of directors in sweeping changes to the governance and management of the organisation. The changes mean that the GSA will no longer be entirely led by elected student representatives.

“Neo-Nazis” escorted off campus on first day of 2018
On 26 February, the first day of semester, two men were escorted off Parkville campus by campus security for allegedly harassing students and handing out flyers saying “it’s okay to be white” at the Baillieu Library.

A University spokesperson told Farrago that campus security is currently investigating the events.

Painting the campus refugee
On 28 February, students gathered to plaster the campus with stickers, posters, chalk and leaflets expressing support for refugees in offshore detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru.

The red zone
End Rape On Campus Australia has released ‘The Red Zone Report’—”an investigation into sexual violence and hazing in Australian university residential colleges”. The report mainly targets University of Sydney colleges, but there is also a section dedicated to University of Melbourne college allegations over the last few years.

Taskforce time
Advocacy groups Fair Agenda, EndRape on Campus, the National Union of Students and the Hunting Ground Australia Project are calling on the federal government to establish a taskforce to monitor how universities are handling incidents of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The National Union of Students has organised a National Day of Action for Wednesday 21 March to protest the government’s $2.2 billion cuts to higher education. Students will be marching from the State Library.

Batman begins
The Batman by-election has been scheduled for 17 March. Alex Bhathal of the Greens and Ged Kearney of Labor are the two main candidates in the race. More to come.

The pub crawl problem
Pub crawls are a steady staple of o-week, but they contradict regulations outlined by the University of Melbourne and the University of Melbourne Student Union. Read our feature article here.


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