Review: True Rad Girl Runway Review at VAMFF

12 March 2018

I had no expectations, but what I brought myself into was a true calling—the perfect runway for every True Rad Girl out there.

You could see it from the way the b-girls who were at Globe Alley to watch the show, on both sidelines dressed, styled and accessorized: BDSM-themed leather support, glitter halter top, medieval cloth, space buns—quirky yet bold and unafraid—they lived up to Silent Arrow’s True Rad Girl’s image. The lingerie brand finds its roots originating from the ‘skater girl style’, which meant it came as no surprise to see edgy skateboarders rocking up the show with their sick decks.

Muma Doesa fired up the alley show with her lit-ness. This continued throughout the show, especially when she dropped ‘My Neck, My Back’—you could just enjoy how the crowd grooved and twerked along to it like the only anthem in the world. With lyrics like “pop yo’ pussy” and “shake your body”, imagine lap dancing in the air with all your favourite girlfriends.

To get the runway all heated up, Jackel, the edgy rapper, inked model was fierce and strong as she picked up the mic. Her raw energy was infectious and translatable to a protest about the female body and social norms.

What I’m about to describe is the most close-up and personal runway show I’ve ever been to: The True Rad Girl Runway showcasing Silent Arrow’s latest lingerie and swimwear designs. Given the intimacy with Silent Arrow’s intimates lingerie models we’re able to share, the personality of the runway models radiated through piercingly. We see them cheekily tugging at their lingerie straps, or, playfully winking when striking a pose. The sexiness of being in their bodies, showed off the bold high fashion aesthetic of Silent Arrow. And of course, a model wearing a FUCK YOU jacket from the ‘F.U.’ range didn’t restrain from pleasing us with a low-key titty reveal (lucky, we got media passes ;)).

I want to give props to the Silent Arrow team, as the provocative models were beautifully chosen. As an Asian myself, it’s affirming to watch how diversity is valued as we see People of Colour being selected as a runway model. But not only that, people of all body sizes, skin colours and ages walked down the catwalk. The most mouth-opening of all—a pregnant lady, gorgeously strutting it down the laneway, with the whole crowd cheering in general appreciation. Five words; not your average fashion show.

Aside from their coloured-in eyebrows, the unique eyeliner style suggested wildness in which the girls were proud to show off through the lingerie pieces. Some of the girls even had temporary tattoos, reminiscence of the lace part of a sexy legging—on their thighs as if an afterthought. The girls and their body art and modifications—whether line tattoos, layered ear piercings—amplified the bra, knickers and bodysuits, each flaunted on the runway.



The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival is on throughout March.

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