Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2018

6 April 2018

After experiencing the pour of Melbourne rain, the enticing fragrance of coffee lead me to the tents of the Melbourne Showgrounds where the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) 2018 was held. Upon entering the tent, the smell hit me in such a gentle yet eager manner, where my caffeine addiction and tastebuds awaited the roasted beans and admirable latte art.

All under the one tent was held the biggest specialty coffee event in the Asian Pacific region. From industrial-sized coffee machines to small household delights, this event had everything in-between. Walking around felt like wandering through a maze—the most amazing maze ever known to man, as you are unable to get lost, you just run into hidden gems. I was able to find coffee from a huge range of continents and countries, some of which included coffee beans grown from that specific country or unique methods of brewing coffee. Samples were offered from every corner, but without any additional elements such as milk or sugar. No, no, these coffee experts are most passionate in the purity of coffee beans and coffee beans alone—and I almost converted to espresso as my morning wake up call. Almost.

I witnessed the competitions that took place in the very centre of the event, where each latte was so beautifully decorated, it was as if the barista was a painter working on their artwork—in coffee form. The equipment was pristine, as was the talent. The shapes and objects that were produced in that competition were captivatingly beautiful in every way.

At this point I was feeling a mixture of being undereducated about coffee, a lust for coffee and the need for coffee, so what could I do here that is not viable anywhere else? I walked up to the first stranger I saw and asked for a cup of coffee and wow.

Needless to say my experience at MICE 2018 was on par with sunflowers-rainbows-golden-retriever next-level positivity. To all the coffee-addicts such as myself, connoisseurs and emerging café owners: please do yourself a favour and attend this event next year, as it will open up gates to a new realm of coffee you never knew existed.

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