Interview: Guy Montgomery

11 April 2018
Guy Montgomery

Guy Montgomery has the linguistic ability and dissertation of a young Freud. When I ask him where he picked this up this ability to utilise the perfect comedic word in the perfect comedic context—Montgomery is somewhat charmed by my admiration.

“Very kind of you to say. I’ve just realised my Dad was quite funny growing up. He has similar word use.”

Guy weaves an hour show together in the same manner a philosopher would tie together a thesis on particle theory, except there is an unwavering relatability present in this comedian who could be billed as ‘everyone’s comedian’.

When Guy jumps in the studio his smile is contagious, and his affability profound. I have always found it difficult to admire comedians merely for their material without enjoying their on-stage persona. Someone could tell the greatest joke of all time, however if it manifests from someone you detest, audiences have an uncanny ‘wanker radar’ for snorting out duds. Guy, on the contrary is the man you want to run into at a pub only to find out six months later you’ve been made his best man/flower girl/non-binary celebrator of unity.

When Guy first started comedy he moved to Canada. He smiles when I ask him why.

“Every comedian starts off shit. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t shit in front of my friends.” Mirth rings in Guy’s voice.

From living in Canada for a year, to now dominating comedy festivals globally. Guy has been crowned as recipient of the Billy T Award for New Zealand’s most outstanding up-and-coming comedian. This hard work ethic and constant drive to improve has seen Guy land in New York City of all places. When I ask him the reason for the switch he both laughs and cries internally at the same time.

“To suffer soul crushing loneliness,” we both laugh.

A large part of Guy’s show Guy Montgomery Doesn’t Check His Phone For An Hour centres around Guy’s move to New York City.

From singing Sinatra’s New York, New York on day one to weeping into a mic-stand on night four- New York City has provided Guy with the perfect comedy fodder for this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The title from Guy’s show comes from the idea that most in this young generation possess, that not looking at your phone for an hour in an obstacle in itself.

“The title is a play on the absurdity of the current generation which I’m apart of. Of course I will not check my phone while I’m at work. But then again, they don’t know that I won’t. So, I put it in the title.”

Guy is a stellar human being with an exceptional wit for a form of heightened linguistic comedy which stays relatable. He is a must see at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival for anybody wanting to see the art of comedy unfold before them.

You can buy tickets for Guy’s show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website.

You can hear the podcast of this interview by searching ‘The Ferg Neal Show’ on wherever you get podcast.

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