Review: Double Denim Adventure Show

11 April 2018
Double Denim

Michelle Brasier and Laura Frew, who together make up the comedy duo double denim, present Double Denim Adventure Show during this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) season. The show, delivered in the form of a journey on the SS Friendship cruise ship, serves as a second part to their extremely successful round at MICF in 2017. This instalment is just as full of cringing, crying and of course, denim, as the last.

A friend and I saw the show on Tuesday 10 April at Belleville, an urban industrial-style bar tucked in an alley in China Town, Melbourne’s CBD. The little, colourful top room of the place was buzzing with hipsters, their voices drowned out by moody elevator tunes as we waited for the doors to the showroom to open. A piece of paper stuck to which read ‘warning: strobe lighting’.

When they swung open, right on time, we were greeted at the door by Michelle and Laura themselves in sailor ensembles. The two were dancing vigorously to blaring music as they said hello and handed out leis to lucky audience members. I didn’t get one, but my friend did because his shirt was covered with tiny crabs, and Laura seemed to much appreciate this.

The showroom was extremely cramped and loud while we waited patiently for the beginning. My friend had to yell in my ear three times, “THE STAGE SET UP IS WEIRD,” and when I finally heard him I replied, “What stage?” This is because our seating rows were literally just facing a staircase.

When Laura and Michelle begun, their whacky, whimsical facial expressions had me captivated the entire time. Contiki tour turned murder mystery; the show was a wild ride with a bunch of dynamic duo characters to help the audience out along the way. Other features included an only-just-not-too-invasive amount of audience interaction, and not-so-harmonious duets. Lots of them. This show is just a pair of best friends jumping around for an hour, and I had just as much fun as they did.

Dedicated to their cause, that being committing 100 per cent to exaggerating their every motion, Michelle and Laura were so extraordinarily sweaty by the end of the show. Eyeliner smudged and glistening droplets rolling down their necks, they ended by smiling like they wanted to do it all again. And while I don’t want them to reach their physical exhaustion capacity, I can’t wait to hopefully see a part three at the festival next year.

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