Scottish Comedian Daniel Sloss Brings his New Show Now to MICF

11 April 2018
Daniel Sloss

I’ve followed Daniel Sloss’ career for some time now. I saw his show Dark in UWA’s Octagon Theatre in 2016, and I saw last-year’s So? behind the Taxi Kitchen in Fed Square. I considered both to be some of the best stand-up shows I’ve ever seen. So it was with cautious optimism that I returned to Federation Square to see his latest show Now. I was even pleased to see he’s graduated to performing at the ACMI Cinema which, while an odd choice for stand-up, was great for visibility.

Sloss’ career has been mired by constant allegations of sociopathy for years now, and this is the theme he explores for almost the entire 70 minutes of Now. The laughs came rolling in relatively quickly, but it was his storytelling that really captured the audience’s attention. I was pleased to see that Sloss is still building on the complex and compelling stories that have made his comedy so appealing in previous shows, and his slightly off-beat social commentary was greatly appreciated.

The show was strongest when Sloss abandoned his safe-for-TV orange juice content and veered into the profane world of dick pics, mental disorders, and huffing deodorant. The second half had the audience thoroughly engrossed in his antics, and I was definitely left wanting more when it was done. While his “taboo” content isn’t as edgy as some of his peers, Sloss sets himself apart with the way he clearly supports his points. Even the sternest of septum-pierced Doc-Marten-wearing bloggers would struggle to fault his logic, and thankfully he makes a deliberate effort to shut down the “men’s-rights” crowd that have frustratingly attached themselves to other popular comedians.

As much as I appreciated them, his winding tangents and obtuse jokes would likely be too much for a drunk audience to follow. Sloss’ stories often take 10-15 minutes to return to a point, and while it’s all funny, the overarching theme could easily be lost to a distracted audience. Go into the show after a few drinks and you’ll have a blast but leave the spirits and the weed at home. You’ll want to remember this one. Daniel Sloss is best served lightly buzzed and with an open mind.

Go in: Buzzed
Rating: 4/5

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