Review: Fall in Love with Rhys Nicholson

12 April 2018

Audiences are in for a night of hilarity, as Rhys Nicholson, donning his typical perfectly cut suit and signature red hair, takes to the stage in his latest show Seminal. Speaking at his usual velocity pace with small theatrical side comments that steal the show, Nicholson dives deep into personal anecdotes including his recent engagement, move to Melbourne and the challenges he has faced as a gay man over the past plebiscite-focused year. Other fun additions including the reckless competitive nature of Monopoly and his strict dislike of walking and just nature in general, also make an appearance.

Nicholson’s polished jokes are appropriate for a broad audience, cleverly balancing joviality with political seriousness. Standouts included his time spent working as a comedian on a cruise ship, where he learnt about how the on-board morgue fills up too quickly and to never go into the ice cream fridge on the top deck. Stories about Nicholson drunkenly proposing to his now-fiancé Kyran, which he suggests is “almost a name”, are emotionally poignant, particularly when placed against a backdrop of hardship faced by the LGBTIQ+ community amongst the recent Australian Government action. His criticism of his own rough ad-libbing and shy bid to buy his face-on-a-pin merchandise made the night even more enjoyable.

The setting of the Swiss club, a restaurant/bar/function space serving the delicacies of Switzerland, oddly suited eccentrically charming Nicholson, noting it as an ideal location if a war were to suddenly break out on Flinders Lane. Seminal is the eight solo stand up show of trouper Nicholson, joining notable Bonda Fide, which was nominated for the best show award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2016.



Seminal is playing at the Swiss Club until April 22. To book tickets, visit

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