Interview: Tessa Waters

14 April 2018
Tessa Waters

Tess Waters is storming this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Having sold-out all her shows in Perth and Adelaide, Tessa beings her iconic style of physicalised, sketch, and straight stand-up comedy to Melbourne.

Tessa went to a Steiner school. If you haven’t heard of a Steiner school, it is essentially where hippies go so that they can wear silk all the time. Nobody was at Tessa’s high school graduation because everyone was out at sea trying to sink Japanese whaling boats.

Tessa has found a new rhythm for comedy, metamorphosing from a sketch-performer into a more hybrid, self-referential artist.

“I really enjoy talking about my Gypsey-esque upbringing, and people are laughing,” Tessa tells me.

On Tessa’s own inclination she says her self-referencing comedy can sometimes allow her to become slightly prone to oversharing.

“I kissed someone at a funeral wake. It was the best wake ever. It was a celebration of life,” Tessa tells me earnestly.

My curiosity at this absurd proposition gets the better of me and I prompt Tessa on how one even goes about kissing another at a funeral.

“It’ll get to a sad point, where I’m flicking through the obituaries looking for a hook-up,” Tessa and I both burst out laughing.

Tessa has an extraordinary ability to warm a room. More so than any other comedian I have witnessed perform.

This comes from a love for laughter.

“There’s nothing better, is there? Then with your friends, family, or strangers. Laughing.”

Tessa’s comedy is only on the rise, and is a must see at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival wanting to feel the light of laughter.

You can buy tickets for Tessa’s show ‘Volcano’ at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival website.

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