21 May 2018

angels on headstones
{scrolling dead people’s
profile pages†}



wrapped in faux fur:
cover of Vogue
from icy wintour





skin eXXXposed
while the sun
is sweating



morning jog
in a business suit¿





‘Sexiest Wo/Man Alive’ —
♂ quickened pulse &
a hormonal high tide ♀




boy in a suit @
a special occasion —
impressions of a gangster




look twice —
©elebrity features
on the face of a stranger





money on
the ground;
play it cool


strangers carry
flowers to his
place of rest ✝




clock strikes ~30yrs
you’ve made it.’


Dear Lana:
Find enclosed
more songs for you





inheritance 🔮


masterly strokes
of a brush ,,,
gather dust



voice of soul
in early morn,
empty dive bar


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