Review: KNOWER @ 170 Russell

8 June 2018

KNOWER is a duo from LA made up of drummer and producer Louis Cole and vocalist Genevieve Artadi. The two have created a truly unique sound, unlike anything I have ever heard before, and will probably hear again. Louis’ powerful, solid grooves paired with Genevieve’s ethereal but punchy vocals combine to create a sound that I can only describe as heavy-funk-synth-space jam with a cheeky bit of metal thrown in there. The duo was joined by a killer band on this Australia tour, including Sam Wilkes on bass and Rai Thistlewayte (part of Aussie group Thirsty Merc) and Jacob Mann (plays in American band Shrek Is Love), both on keys. The show, which was held at 170 Russell, was absolutely packed and the night was full of craziness, silliness and high energy throughout. Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi are incredibly charismatic individuals who treat their stage as a playground, making for a very honest human interaction between performers and audience and creating a very engaging show overall. Most of the tunes KNOWER performed were up-tempo, heavy funk, which impressed me immensely as all the band continued grooving hard and shredding on their respective instruments for a good hour and a half, and Genevieve Atadi never had an awkward moment as the band jammed and soloed, dancing her heart away the whole time in her orange, leopard print shorts, that only added to the fun-loving vibe of the show. A personal highlight of the show for me was the body-trembling quality of the bass that resonated with me so much it left me buzzing after the music had finished. I would definitely recommend going to see KNOWER live if you’re looking for a quirky, loud and energetic gig, and will be eagerly looking out for KNOWER’s return to Australia.

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