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Campus News Briefing: Stupol, Shaw Davey and a Data Breach

13 June 2018

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University Stands Up For ‘Where We Stand’
The University has copped criticism from The Australian about a Faculty of Fine Arts and Music performance which allegedly “separates white audience members from people of colour, makes white patrons sign a declaration before entering the theatre, and then stops the dance when they take their seats.” In an op-ed titled “Racism is Alive and Well at University-Backed Performance”, columnist Janet Albrechtsen quoted an attendee who said, “I am gobsmacked that any university would preside over an event where entry is based on skin colour. I naively thought this was a line that even the regressive left wouldn’t cross.” The University is continuing to support the performance, and has rejected calls to cancel the remaining shows. More to come.

More! Split
Sources within University of Melbourne Student Union election ticket More! have told us that there is a split in the faction. Allegedly, Labor right branch “the Cons” (named after former politician Stephen Conroy) are leaving More! to join rival ticket Stand Up!, the Labor left ticket. More! to come.

GSA Office Bearers
At a council session on 4 June, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) appointed its new team of office bearers. Continuing councillor Peng Kuang was appointed as president, and Kezhan (Jessica) Zhang as vice-president. Former GSA president Georgia Daly was elected as the general secretary. Kuang and Zhang are both independent members of the GSA, and were able to secure the top positions in the association through an alliance with Renew GSA councillors. You can check out the full list of office bearers and councillors here.

GSA Tribunal
The appointment of the GSA office bearers comes after the GSA electoral tribunal rejected an appeal from candidates of Better GSA about the recent elections. The appeal made allegations against GSA staff, the returning officer and members of rival ticket Renew GSA.

Data Breach
According to the University, there has been a “potential data security incident” with PageUp, the University’s third-party recruitment organisation. The University is recommending that people who have applied for a job within the University should check that there is no unusual activity surrounding personal information. They believe that information at risk could include applicants’ name, contact details, date of birth, employment, work rights and financial details. On 8 June, PageUp told The Age that it had detected “unusual activity” and “some indicators that client data may have been compromised”.  The University has disabled links to its online recruitment system.

Shaw Davey Slum Shafts Students
Once beloved local pub, the Shaw Davey Slum, has seen a range of changes this year including an increase in prices and the removal of $5 pizzas. Read our piece on the decline of a local establishment close to the hearts of students here.


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