Review: Soul Craft Festival

20 June 2018

The inaugural Soul Craft Festival brought together experienced and novice crafters alike from all over the world, for a packed and fun weekend, celebrating craft. This year, it was held at the historic Meat Market located in North Melbourne. The festival had master classes, panel talks, demonstrations, exhibitions, a marketplace, and even workshops!

The programme included a happy mix of sewing, embroidery, knitting, natural dyeing, weaving, quilting and so much more. The festival celebrates the richness that craft brings into our lives and how it can connect us to ourselves and to other people from all walks of lives. It is a space where we are able to come together and meet other people in the craft community in real life, rather than just online.

Soul Craft Festival is presented by the creators of The Craft Sessions, which holds annual craft retreats as well, and has a blog of the same name. This unique festival gathered crafters, artists, thinkers and innovators who advocates the benefits of crafting as an everyday practice and features talks from more than 20 guest speakers on a wide variety of craft related topics such as how it can be used as a form of meditation and the betterment of mental health. On top of this, the talks cover topics such as sustainable sourcing, change through craftivism, and farming in Australia.

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